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Complete List of Top 5 International Wholesale Footwear Manufacturers

It is no surprise that consumers spend a great deal of their discretionary income on footwear and apparel. As a result, both industries are booming worldwide, and Shoe Manufacturers are making huge profits.

Global Statistics of Footwear Industry:

The global Footwear market is a multi-billion-dollar industry, with the USA being its top contestant and accounting for about 91 billion U.S. dollars. In 2020 the overall size of the footwear industry was valued at an impressive amount of $365.5 billion. The industry is projected to witness steady growth with a CGR of 5.5%, reaching $530.3 billion by 2027. 

The footwear industry is comprised of sneakers, shoes, athletic footwear, luxury footwear, sporting shoes, and other related goods. And although all of them are successful, the demand for athletic wear and shoes has gone through the roof. The emphasis on healthcare and exercise has led to this dramatic increase in sales of athletic footwear among all ages and across the world. Therefore, fostering the footwear market size. 

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In this article we are going to discuss the best worldwide shoe manufacturers and what do they offer. 

Top 5 International Wholesale Footwear Manufacturers

The footwear industry is highly unlikely to slow down anytime soon. So, what are the top 5 footwear manufactures, and what do we need to know about them? We have been monitoring the footwear brands closely. This list will help our customers identify business opportunities and opt for the top brands that customers simply love. 


Nike is known for its consistent innovative approach, technology, and impressive marketing campaigns that help it surpass all its competitors easily. As one of the primary footwear brands, Nike is recognized all over the world. The company spends a significant amount on its digital and traditional promotion campaigns. 

According to Wikipedia, the company employs 76,700 people worldwide. The company offers a wide range of sports equipment and apparel along with distinct street fashion items. To further promote their brand, Nike also sponsors top athletes across the world of games. 

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With roots in Germany, Adidas is a multinational corporation and one of the main competitors for Nike. Yearly, the company makes 900 million-plus sportswear with independent manufacturers across the world. 

Although Adidas is also involved in the apparel industry, they are mostly known for their sports footwear range. In 2019, Adidas was able to generate sales of about $25 billion. Kudos to the 1000 stores operating globally. 

Not just the sports world, Adidas has also become a notable symbol in music, pop culture, and street fashion through its remarkable marketing strategies.

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With annual revenue of 34.4 billion, Kering is the third top contestant on this list. Where the two of the world's most famous companies, Nike and Adidas, are competing and known in the sports world. Kering has made its name as the luxury shoewear brand. That being said, Kering manages Saint Laurent, Gucci, Pomellato, etc. 

As a result of Kering's accumulating numerous luxury brands, it has now become one of the largest shoe companies globally based on revenue.


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New Balance

New Balance is an American sports apparel and footwear company that has been operating since 1906. Maintain its manufacturing activities in the USA, and the U.K, it supplies the goods to worldwide markets.

One of the differentiating things about New Balance is its approach to shunning celebrity endorsement. Besides manufacturing basketball, hiking, running, tennis, and golf shoes for both men and women, the company also offers footwear for kids. 

As for 2020, the company was able to make 4.4 billion dollars in revenue. New Balance is a privately owned company that includes brands like Aravon, Dunham, New Balance and has over 7000 employees.

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Skechers is also an American company that has made its name across the world. The company was started in 1992, and despite being a young corporation, it was able to generate $4.6 billion annual revenue, making it a successful show wear company. 

With 11,800 employees, Skechers offers sneaker and casual footwear products for people between the ages between 18 and 40. Their brand positioning includes an emphasis on providing trendy and comfortable shoes.


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