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Five Leading LED Light Brands in China

As the global LED market expands its edges, many new companies are evolving, providing infinite options to consumers. Over the recent decades, the LED light industry has hugely morphed and welcomed dozens of new arrivals to fulfill the rising consumption demands. 

The LEDs are flexible, robust, and energy-efficient, which is why they are perfect for endless applications such as aviation lighting, general-purpose lighting, automotive lighting, and medical devices, etc. The global LED market forecast shows an overall increment in the market growth by USD 24 billion in upcoming years. See what’s happening in china market.

A Glance Over Chinese LED Market

The growing demand for LED lighting in China has accelerated the entire LED light market. Almost all Chinese LED manufacturers are investing in the development of LED technologies, working on factors such as cost reduction, energy efficiency, environmentally friendliness, durability, etc.

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In China, the demand for LED lights is very high, and as a result, there is stiff competition in this segment. High competition makes it difficult for the consumers to select that is why this post is designed to introduce the led market professionals who are dealing in authenticity and quality together. Here are top five leading Chinese brands which are rising above the herd with the overview of the company mention down the list below:

Top Five A- Players Of Chinese Led Market


Sichuan Memeratta Technology Co., Ltd is china's most professional led light manufacturer. Memeratta was incepted in 2017, and it has acquired expertise in this field in very few years. The company has started to revolutionize the lighting industry and eventually succeed in its mission by providing highly efficient led light products, which has hugely changed the status quo of the led lighting industry in China. The company is headquartered in China, but It has potential demand in the international market. Many high-profile led light suppliers are affiliated with this brand for supplying superior quality products in different markets.


Ranpo Lighting Technology Co., Ltd is a well-known led panel light manufacturer in china working tirelessly to deliver ultra-efficient panel lights. The company has made a massive mark in the industry by introducing frameworks that have tremendously replace fluorescent bulbs with LEDs. By implementing technology mechanization, the company has increased its production yield massively; thus, it accounts for a significant market share in the entire Chinese-led light industry. 


With ten years of experience in lighting design and production management, the Huizhou EchoLumen Technology Co., Ltd. is the leading and highly consumable brand in the market. The company is wisely utilizing mechanization and cutting-edge technology for the stimulation of lower LED product pricing. With an innate desire to serve the consumers, the company is still questing for better production methods and technologies to meet upcoming lightning challenges and complex application demands of led lights.


Liangxi Led Lights Co., Ltd is a prominent Chinese led light manufacturer recognized for superior quality and reasonable pricing policies. This company always sticks to all significant quality standards imposed by authorities, enabling the company to provide unparallel good quality and efficiently functioning led lights every time. Liangxi Light is also remarkable for working tenaciously towards declining the led lights cost for introducing efficient led lights at reasonable rates.


Dongguan BOFA lighting is the distinctive led brand in china, having several unmatched characteristics, which are the major cause of this company's rising revenues. In a market filled with aggressive competition, the company is still standing at the winning edge due to ample inventory of well-engineered commercial lights that never run out of stock, backed by precision inventory management systems. The company is also deploying the latest technologies for making better products that stay under the financial accessibility of users.

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Reason for Rapid Market Penetration of LED Segment in China

In China, the LED lighting industry's penetration is rapid, which is the result of supportive government policies, helping LED manufacturers and distributors to a great extent for bringing more and better lightning technologies across different sectors; that is why Chinese brands are establishing at an abnormally fast pace.

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