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How Korea is Dominating the Global Beauty Market in 2021


One doesn’t have to a beauty industry expert to know that South Korean-beauty has taken charge of the global cosmetic and personal care industry. Regardless of the western world being the sole sovereign of the beauty market in the past, K beauty & Korean cosmetics are now setting new beauty standards, fuelled by the massive popularity of K-music and K-drams. 


Korean-beauty and Korean Skin Care products have joined the top ranks of the beauty industry and are becoming well known for their innovation and quality. To put it simply, Korean cosmetics is the cash cow of the beauty market that targets the soul of every cosmetic – quality. Items like sheet masks, BB and CC creams, toners, snail masks, facial mists, and all skin-type moisturizers are the breadwinner to Korea’s success. K-beauty is hailed all over the world as the next best thing. But what is Korean Beauty, and how is it blossoming all over the world? In this article, we will dive into the billion-dollar South Korean cosmetics industry and find out what K-beauty is the leader and how much its worth. 


  • Inside Korea’s billion-dollar beauty industry
  • What makes Korea the world leader in the Cosmetic industry?
  • How much is the Korean beauty industry worth?
  • How to find Korean cosmetic buyers and importers? 


Inside Korea’s billion-dollar beauty industry:


Before South Korea tapped into this industry, Japan and Europe were comfortably dominating the industry. That market quickly changed with the massive popularity of Korean trends. K-beauty or Korean makeup brands are comprised of the best quality, prestige, affordable, and innovative concoctions that appeal to a growing number of people, regardless of gender and age. With foreigners searching and accepting Korean cosmetics as their knights on white horses, it is hardly a surprise that Korean Skin Care and Korean makeup brands have become the sensation it is today.


Korean Beauty defies the European beauty standards and emphasis on skin texture and tone. They call attention to the age-defying porcelain-like skin that radiates. The global popularity of Korean beauty products is devoted to the customers yearning for naturally moist skin expression that required no heavy makeup. Consumers no longer fall for the airbrushed Hollywood stars representing brands but rely on influencers testing products. Not indulging in the same old and tested techniques as their competitors, K-beauty is marketed on social media. It has created numerous buzz words, always aiming at the next best thing and tapping into the latest trends; these creative marketing tactics have turn it into an overnight celebrity. Korean cosmetics offer such a diverse range of makeup and skincare choices that their Western counterparts can only dream of. 


What makes Korea the world leader in the Cosmetic industry?


K-beauty has been a roaring success. Korea is the globally trusted beauty hub for all the right reasons. Consumers from across the world look towards Asia for beauty products, especially for cosmetic export, consequent to which Korea continues to dominate in the foreign beauty market. 


The industry tasted its first wave of success after promoting Korean culture, known as “Hallyu wave,” and it has never looked back since then. With customers demanding Korean beauty products, overseas companies were forced to turn their attention to the Korean market. Major beauty suppliers like Sephora and Urban Outfitters are also actively dedicating an entire section to K-beauty products.


How much is the Korean beauty industry worth?


As proposed by the IBISWorld report, Korean Beauty is estimated to worth more than $379 billion. Beauty & Personal Care market is thriving globally. The reason behind the unmatched success of K-beauty products is the generational shift of preferences. With an amplified emphasis on catering to skin health, young consumers are entering this industry, augmenting the market size. When it comes to South Korean beauty products, this change in buying behavior is further supported internationally by social media that is certain to leave a lasting effect. Furthermore, data from suggests that the demand for Korean products across the world is 5x higher than the demand for other products. 


How to find Korean cosmetic buyers and importers? 


Korean cosmetics has now become the beating heart of the beauty industry. is an amazing platform to find wholesale Korean cosmetic buyers and importers. Their call-to-action approach, innovative marketing techniques, and easy-to-use interface make it the finest alternative for traders looking for global Korean-beauty buyers. Millions of Korean cosmetic buyers from all over the world access this platform to find great deals, which is why it is the first choice for wholesalers. One of the reasons why is so popular is its massive reach. allows Korean beauty product suppliers to sign up and display their products at an affordable price tag. You can offer detailed descriptions of your products to attract customers. The website provides smart filters to filter out buying leads of your choice, direct communication options, and guaranteed verified leads. 


Korean beauty manufacturers and wholesalers need to be quick on their feet to not miss out on new business opportunities. If you are a seller in the industry and want to expand your business by finding the right Korean cosmetic buyers and importers, offers the ideal resources to help you reach your desired destination.


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