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How To Find Buyers For Pallets

As most cofiring power stations start using pallets as fuel, pellet demand is increasing exponentially. Europe is the fastest adapter of this change, and the demand for pallets is expected to increase by up to 30-40% in the coming five years. This region alone buys around 50% of the entire pallet sold globally.

Even though many big companies are selling pallets, there is still more demand, which is only increasing. Therefore, if you implement the right strategy to find pallet buyers, you should have no problem getting orders. All you need is a proper business plan, quality control, and a showcase of your products on sites that potential pallet buyers use. 

Top E-Commerce Sites to Find Pallet Buyers Online

These are a few B2B websites where you can sell bulk pallets to verified buyers: can help you build a profitable online presence. Many global pallet importers visit it in search of reliable suppliers like you. Like traditional e-commerce sites, you can sign up here and list your products with images, videos, and descriptions. What makes it different from other sites is that their products also appear in Google searches. Thus, you should consider using good keywords for better visibility. If you want to rank higher for relevant queries searched on this platform, you can get their Premium Membership and unlock its full potential. 

Buyers come here with different requirements. Whether you sell stringer, double, solid, or any other type of wholesale pellets, there is a good demand for almost all of them. You only need to target importers in the right way. 

Most purchase managers on this site also post their requirements and wait for quotations. As a registered seller on, you can also go through all the buying leads and contact them with your offers. This is not it; Tradewheel is a comprehensive marketplace, meaning you can also find buyers of many other products, including electronics, industrial machinery, apparel, and more. 

Kamps Pallets

Kamps Pallets is quite unique site compared to other businesses listed here. From broken to new pallets, they are a large quantity buyer for all of them. If you compare the prices you get from here, they are neither too high nor too low. However, their rate also depends on your physical location and the quantity you can offer. Especially if you have massive supply capabilities, they can also offer you free pallet pick-up. 

They buy bulk pallets based on the truck load, usually more than 400 or more units. However, if your pallets are large, they should still be at least 100 units. They also deal in badly damaged pallets, but one of their officials would have to visit and check them in person before giving a quotation. 

They also have an auto-generated form that you can fill out to get an idea of how much your pallets are worth and what they are willing to pay for it. Here, you must add all the information accurately to get the best results. You should not try upselling here because the Kamps Pallet’s officials will verify your goods. 

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As mentioned earlier, Europe is the biggest market for pallet importers; this should be one of the first regions to aim for. For this purpose, Europages is a perfect platform. It is a directory of businesses that deal in the B2B model. It allows global buyers to list their company and products here and showcases them to European buyers. As this site is available in 26 European languages, it has a good market share and several visits each month. 

If you want to join this platform, you must go through a long cycle of verifying your business. But once, you get verified with the badge, you only need to use the right keywords to rank higher on the search queries you want to rank higher for. There are no MOQs or strict terms and conditions that you need to follow here. You can offer rates, discounts, and terms that you prefer. 

If you search pallets on Europages, you will find endless companies. At first glance, it may seem like competition, but almost all of them have their hands full of bulk pallet orders. Therefore, you can consider it to be the growth potential here.

Gruber Pallets

Despite the size or quantity of pallets you have, Gruber Pallets buys almost all of them. To sell pellets to them, you should have at least 100 pellets, and there is almost no limit to the maximum. They are always sourcing it regardless of the season going on. They buy pallets in all odd, broken, and perfect forms. However, the prices for each would also vary according to its size, weight, and condition. 

They have been in this industry for over 25 years and have a history of giving great prices, especially those who can maintain long-term trading relations. You only need to contact their customer support and share what you have got to offer. Their customer support staff is quick to respond and will help you at every step, from getting a quotation to getting them to pick up and receive your amount. Therefore, even if you are a beginner with little idea of how to sell or pack them, Gruber Pallets is the perfect site to start your selling journey. 

Global Sources

Global Source is an international marketplace that can help you expand your reach to a wider audience. It allows buyers and sellers from all over the world to trade. They allow anyone to list their products here for free. You only need to register a free account which has a little complex process as you would have to get your company verified. This may consume some time, but once you complete it, this struggle will be worth it. 

Usually, it takes time to get clicks on third-party e-commerce websites. But you can speed up this process by subscribing to their membership plans. Most pallet suppliers on Global Sources already have their membership, which means they got good returns for their investment. 

The bulk pallet buyers here are usually price-conscious. Thus, giving discounts or keeping your MOQs to the lowest possible can give you an edge over your competitors. Despite your discounts, the buyers will likely ask for better prices. In short, you will be facing a price war here, and the winner would be the one who offers the market’s lowest cost. 


These are some top trending b2b websites that you can use to find authentic B2B pallet buyers. 


All you need to know about selling Pallets to global buyers:

Selling pallets to global buyers can be profitable if you use the right strategies. Here are some things that you must know when selling pallets:

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How can you start a wholesale pallet-selling business?

The following are the factors that you need to consider and create a strategy accordingly:

  1. Research on what type of pallets are in demand, especially in areas you can supply right now.
  2. Set up your store on online B2B E-Commerce sites or contact wood pellet buyers directly.
  3. Make a proper route plan to supply wholesale pallets and make long-term trading relations.
  4. Use GPS on all vehicles.
  5. Market your business through e-commerce websites and social media platforms.

What is a good price for selling pallets? 

The price of pallets heavily depends on the quality you are providing. Some of its factors include size, quality, season, and type. Usually, its price can vary between 0.50 to 4 USD for normal quality pallets. In contrast, if they are in A-grade condition, their price can increase to around 7 to 10 USD. The quantity volume one is buying/selling can also play critical in the variation of these prices.

Which type of pallets are in demand?

Pallets demand and prices both may vary based on the location and industry you are in and you would have to do some research to find the trends in your industry. Still for general understanding wood pellets are the ones most demanded because of their versatile usage in a wide range of applications. Among sizes, 48 x 40 inches is the one with the most demand.


Right now, the wholesale pallet market may seem to be a bit saturated, but it is growing rapidly and would automatically generate room for more businesses to join. Getting yourself listed now can give you an advantage compared to sellers who will join later. Even though all marketplaces may look similar at first glance, all of them have a different set of audiences with unique behaviors. You need to understand how the buyer reacts on that site and then come up with a strategy to stand out in the competition. 


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