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How To Sell My Product in The International Markets?

Living in the 21st century, you have more than one way of entering the international markets and establish your venture successfully. It is vital for you to put in the time to do thorough research to learn about the different avenues available that can help in connecting with prospective buyers residing in other countries. There was a time when running a business globally used to be a challenging endeavor, but a lot of those obstacles were removed once people realized the untapped potential of the internet and other technological advancements. Nowadays, you can communicate with customers belonging to anywhere on the planet, even those housed in remote areas. 

View FileI would not bore you discussing the conventional methodologies of managing an internationally extended business as they are no longer the center of attention for business people worldwide. Large corporations, small ventures, and home-run businesses have two things in common; cost-cutting and profit maximization are the primary requirements. What if I told you there was a way to achieve both objectives effectively? Earlier I mentioned that the World Wide Web has solved a lot of problems for today's business person. Moreover, there are certain steps you need to take to make your venture a noticeable global phenomenon. Let's learn how; 


For those of you who are hearing this term for the first time, it means when a supplier fulfills orders on behalf of an independent vendor. For instance, you are the supplier of Korean beauty products, and a seller contacts stating that they will post your stock on their online store. The catch here is that the vendor does not keep any inventory and only brings in orders. In this case, the private seller acts as a middleman who does all the marketing and other promotional activities to attract the target audience. Once an order is confirmed, you have to dispatch it and handle the shipping process. Since you are interested in spreading your business internationally, it is important to either find overseas drop shippers or local ones willing to do it. What's in it for you? You get the required exposure selling within the international markets while your products build a reputation among overseas buyers. It will lead to the creation of an entirely new clientele, and you would only need to pay a commission to the seller decided by mutual understanding. You would only need to maintain the quality of the products, store inventory, and look after the delivery process while working with multiple vendors at a time. It enables you to connect with customers, regardless of their location, efficiently. It saves time, requires fewer resources, and leads to promising outcomes within a short period. 

View FileSell Through An Online Website 

A website is a space that anyone can access using the internet and a laptop or even a smartphone at their convenience. You can hire a web developer to design a user-friendly website with various options, like view products, add to cart, Q/A, instant messaging, etc. You can post the items offered to the customers along with their details on the website. It is a highly effective way of reaching international buyers through a modernized technique. A lot of companies are also launching smartphone applications to make their clients' experience more enhanced. However, building a website is not enough as the potential buyers should be able to see it when searched using specific keywords. Here, SEO (search engine optimization) plays a significant role as it ranks your website, putting it ahead of your competitors. Everything, from adding products to the cart to the checkout point, can be completed through the website. This means you do not have to physically exist within the international markets to sell to buyers there. Think about the amount of money and time you can save by complying with this suggestion. 

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Partnering With A Foreign Company 

Before selecting a firm to represent you elsewhere, it is vital to see the magnitude of the market in that particular region. For instance, if there are many buyers for your beauty products in the USA, you can select an American company and get into a contract with them. Acting upon this requires extensive research to identify the target audience and noticing its size in a specific country. Then, you can ship your cosmetics and personal hygiene products to the company that will store and sell them on their own. As far as the perks of going with this method are concerned, you can save yourself from a lot of legalities that are involved in operating in another country. You can also cut down on storage costs and continue to earn money while establishing your brand globally. Choosing the right company is critical, so do look at their history and relevant statistics to confirm if they can fulfill your requirements or not. Many merchants are willing to partner with you in every country, but be wise while finalizing one. View File

Hire Locals For Better & Improved Customer Service 

While selling within the international markets, you need to be aware of those customers who do not speak English, which is a common language of communication worldwide. Whichever area you choose to sell in, it would help if locals who speak the native language are hired to communicate with the buyers. Otherwise, there would be a serious communication gap between you and your clientele of that particular place. For instance, if you decide to sell cosmetics in China, hiring Chinese would prove beneficial to a great extent as they can easily converse with the local population that makes up your list of clients there. 

View FileHowever, it should be noted that this is a relatively expensive endeavor and should only be carried out if there is a vast number of customers in that country. There are many firms providing such services as well where they work with individuals who can fluently speak the native language easily understood by the locals. If a place does not have as many buyers prepared to place orders as expected, provide these services to a limited extent that does not let your budget exceed. You can also write content in the native language along with the FAQs and other informative abstracts to deliver your message to the buyers effectively. Another thing that can be done to improve customer service is providing an email address of the language experts so that the buyers can contact them. 

Don't be misguided, thinking that this is the only way to offer better customer service when dealing with international buyers. You also need to train your team of professionals, covering every aspect fully. This includes teaching ways of abiding by the refund policies devised to enhance the buyers' experience, assisting with queries, calculating the total costs customers need to pay, and enlisting them separately to make it easier to understand. Here's the thing, you could be offering premium quality beauty or any other products at affordable rates without even charging any delivery expenses, but if the customer service is not up to the standard, then failure of satisfying the buyers to make them a permanent part of your clientele become inevitable. Understanding what the buyers want from you is more than half of the reason behind the success of your overseas venture. Effective communication and fulfillment of needs are vital to surviving in a market filled with thousands, if not millions, manufacturers and producers. View File

Avail The Services Rendered By E-Commerce Marketplaces 

The E-commerce market is a space where a single platform caters to different manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, wholesalers, exporters, and distributors, from every industry. A branch of it includes B2B platforms that connect businesses who sell with those interested in purchasing in bulk quantity. Out of all the options we have discussed so far, this one is the most favorable pick if you wish to sell a product in international markets. B2B portals operate without any restrictions of language, time zone, and region. They can easily put you in touch with prospective buyers who are likely to place sizeable orders of a single product at the quoted prices. B2B platforms offer several packages that comprise multiple services like tradeshow facilitation, web designing, SEO, social media marketing, access to verified buyer directories, and more. Let's talk about such marketplaces in detail; 

  • B2B platforms like's reach extends to all parts of the world. They have experts on their team who can negotiate the terms of a deal on your behalf with a buyer with whom you have linguistic or any other sort of barrier. All you need to do is sign up on a portal's website or mobile app to begin. 
  • These firms function by implementing strategies that eliminate uncertainties from the selling process and guarantee increasing returns. They can give your venture a noticeable digital presence within the international markets, enabling you to remain competitive in today's modern age. 
  • It is an efficient and convenient method of selling products by interacting with your clients online. You get to save a massive sum of money that would otherwise be spent on setting up shop in another country, going through the legal authorities, traveling overseas to meet customers, etc. 

We live in an era driven by technology, making it necessary to have an effective and valuable digital presence to succeed. offers you an opportunity to establish long-term connections with buyers across the globe. Being an internationally recognized B2B portal, it is safe to say that its services are valued and praised by everyone who has ever been in business with this platform. It ensures promising outcomes to put your venture on the map and make it a global success. Your venture can grow much bigger within a short period if you resort to this option. 

View FileThe Bottom Line 

Which of the ways discussed here feel like the most suitable one according to your unique demands? Do you plan to grow consistently, or is there a limit to what has to be attained? It is helpful to ask such questions while you debate over which method to go with. Needless to say, every path comes with a set of advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before moving forward. Therefore, you need to assess your goals and objectives prior to selecting an option. You can even decide to embark on a journey by utilizing multiple strategies mentioned in detail above. 

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