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Top Animal Feed Manufacturers in the World

Most food chains can’t survive without animals; indirectly, they rely on the animal feed industry. Whether it is the dairy or the seafood industry, they all need good quality animal feed for their animals.

This article is for you if you are also wondering where to buy animal feed wholesale. Here we have rounded up some of the top animal feed manufacturers who can be highly remunerative for your businesses. is one of the top B2B platforms, which will connect all the bulk suppliers of animal feed in the world. It is a leading online website that will help you find the best quality feed at the best rates. has animal feed suppliers from Europe, Africa, Asia, USA, and the rest of the world. You can explore a complete range of products on one page.  

We picked the top six top sellers of animal feed in the world for you below. Let’s have a look at them.    

Great Traders

A rising name in the animal feed industry of Denmark. Since 2019, they have been a growing manufacturer of alfalfa hay and cubes, corn gluten, blood meal, fish meal, soya meal, sunflower meal, etc. With prime-quality animal feed, they are among the progressive names not just in the Danish market but also in the international one. Here, you may find feed for cattle, horses, donkeys, etc. Due to their high standard of feed, cattle owners will yield in high production of dairy goods. Since Scandinavian countries are among the top dairy products like milk, cheese, butter, and cream, Great Traders can be your key partner to start trading for cattle feed. This dairy business is a cash cow, and fine quality of feed is fuel for it. 

Apex Agro Trading

Yellow corn is a prime source of starch and protein, key ingredients in producing healthier fat in cattle. This high production of fat leads to a better quality of dairy products from cattle, and that’s what every dairy business seeks. All of it is possible through Apex Agro trading, which is a top name in the South African market of animal feed. Since 2018, they have been manufacturing super-quality yellow corn/maize for the healthy production of dairy goods. Since yellow corn is the main source of protein and starch, you can trade with Apex Agro Trading to have a bulk quantity of animal feed. Since yellow corn/maize has been really healthy for both animals and humans, you can also try them for other modes of business besides animal feed. Apex Agro Trading also has substantial growth to fulfill mega order quantities.

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Hypergold Limited

Hypergold Limited will be the best option for you if you are looking for sea animal feed. This Nigerian brand deals in marine life feed for fishes, crustaceans (i.e., crabs, lobsters, etc.), mollusks, oysters, etc. Moreover, they are well-established manufacturers as they have been in this business since 2014. As we know that central Africa is rich with forests, which helps Nigeria yield crop production. Besides, Hypergold Limited’s feed is free of any pesticides or fungicides. Also, they include a high amount of protein for better growth in fish farming. If you deal in fish farming or B2B for this purpose, Hypergold Limited can be your main source of marine feed.   

Lindile and Sons Supplies

Another South African manufacturer of animal feed is on this list. Lindile and Sons Supplies are also among the growing businesses in South Africa. By doing business with them, you can have a fine quality of animal feeds in the form of maize and other nutritional grains. Lindile and Sons Supplies will provide you with a bulk amount of animal feeds at wholesale price. With their help, you will have high productivity in your business. In addition, their B2B mode will assist you in buying mega quantities of animal feed for an adequate duration. 

Wintercorn Import and Export Global Trading

Farm animals need alfalfa hay in a large amount for better health, and you can get that from Wintercorn Import and Export Global Trading. They are a stable manufacturer in the animal feed industry. Since 2009, this South African brand has been manufacturing alfalfa hay/lucerne for B2B, which has been benefiting businesses in South Africa as well as in other countries. Alfalfa or lucerne is a great source of fat and fiber. They are highly beneficial for cattle, chickens, fish, dogs, etc. South Africa is among the top economies of Africa, and conducting animal feed business with Wintercorn will be very remunerative for you. If you are looking for B2B opportunities for the animal feed business, this can be your chance to take your step.

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Veritable Solutions

There are some countries that are known for their mega cattle industries. They are Pakistan and India in the Subcontinent. Similarly, if you are looking for animal feed of top quality for B2B purposes, Veritable Solutions is a great choice for that. This Pakistani brand is a top manufacturer of animal feed for cattle, horses, chickens, dogs, rabbits, and camels. Here, you will get Grade-1-quality wheat straw. This wheat straw is a prime source of calcium, potassium, and magnesium, which help animals produce healthy dairy products. In addition, doing business with Veritable Solutions can be really profitable for you as they are a bulk producer of animal feed and the dairy industry heavily depends on these cattle’s health.


We hope at least one of them will be your trade partner soon as you would be keen to connect with global sellers of animal feed. Likewise, aims to make your business smooth with the help of simple procedures and profitable options. 

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