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Where to Buy Camel Meat

Recently, businesses have observed a hike in camel meat demand. Due to its long list of benefits and good taste, it became part of 42% more social conversations than last year.

Many restaurants also want camel meat on their menu, but most cannot find a reliable supplier to provide consistent quality meat. As it has a low availability in the market and higher demand, the real challenge is to find a supplier you can trust in the longer term.


Here is a complete list of the top online marketplaces for buying bulk camel meat online.

The prices for wholesale camel meat vary a lot, and maintaining a consistent quality can also be a challenge. That is where Tradewheel comes in to make your bulk camel meat sourcing easier. Importing camel meat in countries like the USA must meet specific labeling and safety requirements. It features exporters who have been in this industry for years and have a strong reputation. It included leading names like Echo Global Suppliers, SA Stock Supplies, and many more. Thus, you never need to think twice about getting quality for your investment. 

Most businesses that use Tradewheel for sourcing get better prices and quality than what you may get from other marketplaces. Whether you want to source it in frozen, fresh, or dried style, their product catalog covers all of them. You only need to search for it, and you will not be disappointed with their options for your business needs. 


Search for what exactly you are looking for and get a variety of options to choose from. Each camel meat supplier has different MOQs and terms to deal with businesses. Contact relevant ones. Regardless of budget, location, and other requirements, you will always find relevant distributors. 


MS Global Food

MS Global Food specializes in a wide range of food products specializing in meat products. With the recent increase in bulk camel meat demand, they have added wholesale camel meat to their offerings. However, they only export Australian meat to importers all over the world. They have complete control over slaughtering and cutting camels, and with their track record of satisfying customers, you can feel confident while placing your order here.

Their meat products are completely natural and free from any chemical processing. Therefore, their goods have better taste and proteins that appeal to customers. They can also provide proper certifications to boost your confidence. Due to their rigorous practices give them a good market share among importers that prioritize healthy food. 

Currently, they only deal in the whole camel; if you only want to buy a specific cut, this may not work out for you. Still, you can contact them to confirm if they can provide any custom solutions for you. They also deal at relatively high minimum order quantities because of the documentation, preservation, shipping, and other costs they add.



Most businesses in the USA prefer Go4WorldBusiness to buy camel meat in bulk quantities for restaurants and other business needs. As it is a globally recognized B2B website, you will find distributors from almost all countries worldwide. Whether you want to buy boneless or specific meat cuts, you are always a search away on this platform. 

As a leading B2B platform, they always promote exporters with certifications and a track record of satisfying customers like yours. They also verify their distributors to ensure you can order here without hesitation. You can contact relevant sellers and usually, and the distributors on Go4WorldBusiness are usually quick to respond and offer flexible trading terms. Therefore, it is a top e-commerce website for most small to medium-sized businesses to meet their needs. 

If you are unsure what seller you should contact or want to collect multiple offers, you can post your requirements on Go4WorldBusiness for free as a Buying Lead. After that, it reaches relevant exporters, and they will contact you with their best offers. In a short span of time, you would have multiple offers from different sellers to choose from. 


Exotic Meat Market

Exotic Meat Market is located in North America and has been operating since 1989. It is a one-stop shop to get a variety of exotic meat. All of their camel’s meat is imported from Australia without any antibiotics and hormones. Whether you are looking for a whole or a specific cut, you will get deals for all of them. 

They have a rich history of maintaining their quality standards consistently for several years. Most restaurants in the USA use Exotic Meat Market to stock up on the finest frozen camel meat to enrich their menu. They also provide halal options to tackle a wider audience. If you also want to stock up on bulk camel meat that is delicious, juicy, and tender, this is the platform for you.

If you are placing an order on Exotic Meat Market today, you should expect it to reach at your doorstep within the next 72 hours. However, they do not ship on weekends, so keep that in your mind. Ensure you enter the right address and zip code because if it gets shipped to the wrong address, they consider that order to be fulfilled.



If you like to browse a product catalog with different sellers and have various options, 21Food is for you. It is a B2B marketplace that only deals in the food industry. They feature third-party distributors from the USA, Europe, Asia, and all worldwide. You can also use it to find frozen camel meat sellers near you to minimize the transportation cost. They also allow you to post buying requests and give you business matching services for free. 

Even though camel meat prices keep fluctuating, you can expect slightly lower rates than other websites. It is due to the nature of this platform. Usually, sellers try to compete with each other by lowering their prices for the same quality, and you can make full use of it. Most of their wholesale halal meat distributors are from China, but you will also find exporters from other countries.

21Food only connects with the sellers and takes no responsibility for shipment, packaging, or scams. Thus, you must review the history of the sellers you deal with. 


Fossil Farms

Unlike most businesses, Fossil Farms aims not to be the biggest meat exporter but the best one. They are the first choice for most restaurants to source from in the longer run. All of this is due to their consistently maintaining standards for several years. 

Supplying sustainable and healthy alternatives to conventional red meat makes them different from other farms. Besides camel meat, they also deal in exotic meat, game bird, and much more. All their camels are completely grass-fed and raised without steroids, hormones, or antibiotics. 

They are open Monday to Friday to answer your queries and give customer support. You will also find different payment methods there, including Visa, American Express, PayPal, and the list goes on. Fossil Farm also has a return policy that varies depending on the product you are sourcing. Therefore, it is better to check before placing the order. 



EC21 was launched in 1997 and has been a go-to marketplace for many businesses to meet their needs at good prices. They feature exporters worldwide with different types of stock and trading terms. Most camel meat distributors here have large MOQ requirements, especially if you are in a different country. It is due to high shipping and other cost overheads. 

You can also add your email address to their Trade Alert subscription to receive mail whenever their sellers offer additional discounts or limited-time offers. Other than that, you can also post a buying lead on EC21 mentioning all your requirements and you will get several quotations from exporters you can rely on. This method would help you to collect more offers in lesser time.



When sourcing camel meat, especially in bulk quantity, you must look at several factors, including its origins, freezing method, prices, and much more. While buying bulk camel meat, you should always prioritize wholesalers with a history of maintaining their standards consistently over their prices. The best approach to avoid risk is to contact your direct connections and ask them for referrals. If you do not have such connections, using the online B2B marketplaces mentioned here can be a great platform to get amazing deals. Each has different prices, quality, supply capabilities, and terms. Go through all of them and connect with suppliers who can be a good fit for your specific needs.

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