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How to find Fabric buyers?

It's no secret; the fashion industry is not difficult to break into. After all, it is one of the most profitable niches in ecommerce. But starting a clothing line would need many moving parts. Fortunately, there is plenty of guidance available to help you. Consider this article as the step by step guide you will need to find Fabric buyers.

Table of content:

  • Finding Fabric buyers
  • Know who you want to sell to
  • Make Buyers Contact you
  • Study Business Culture
  • How to find International Fabric buyers for your business
  • Online B2B Platforms
  • Industry Meetups
  • Directories
  • Search Engines
  • Social Media


Finding Fabric Buyers:

Apparel buyers are mostly interested in hearing from new suppliers, given that the new supplier can offer them something better than what they are already getting. If you are thinking about launching your own fashion brand, it is essential to make sure that it stands out from the crowd, and what better way to do that than offering unique products?

Finding unique products can be quite problematic; thus, apparel entrepreneurs take it upon themselves to manufacturer new articles. Despite the apparel industry's unpredictable conditions due to COVID-19, it is an active period of growth for fabric manufacturers. Growing business means different to everyone, it all depends on the business goals, but for fabric manufacturers, it means one thing - How to find Fabric buyers? You may be looking to increase orders or aim to go global with your business. Whatever your goals are, there are a whole lot of things to consider. We have created this article to guide you throughout the way. We'll cover everything you need to know when it comes to finding global Fabric buyers. But before you start,


Know Who You Want to Sell To:

The first thing is to understand customers. For any fabric manufacturing firm, it is crucial to know what their customers seek and why. Understanding your current customers is the key to landing new customers on your dock. Almost all fabric manufacturers have some dream customers that they want to score but to turn that dream into reality is a slow process.

Understanding how to make your customers happy will offer you the customer insight into gaining new ones. Determine the type of businesses that you would like to work with, what they buy and how, then focus on optimal industries, desired locations, and further factors that work best for you.


Make Buyers Contact you:

Buyers are not interested in knowing who you are and what you do; they need unique quality. Every supplier must have some unique selling proposition. This different selling specialty can help you stand out from the crowd. Think about what yours is, and then let your potential customers know it when they find you.

This is the digital era, and most probably, your customers are going to find you through your website. Your website content must highlight what your specialties are, how your customers adore you, and what you’re willing to take on. Such information will not only encourage prospects to contact you but will also help enhance leads quality.


Study Business Culture:

Although there is excellent potential in international trade, yet it is not without any risks. For those companies looking to expand globally, there are countless challenges that would need to overcome, one of which is to understand the international business culture.

When dealing with foreign fabric buyers, be certain that you are familiar with the legalities, laws of each region, and understand border control. Business ethics, culture, and logistics vary and can often get overlooked when growing your business.


How to find International Fabric buyers for your business:

Online B2B Platforms:

We are living in an era where the buyers are conscious of the quality they are getting and working standards. Predominantly, distance has become irrelevant. Buyers are more enrapt with the idea of getting better products at the right prices than being concerned about local or international buying. One of the basic technological tools that laid the foundation of convenient international trade is B2B platform.

B2B online platforms have gained massive affirmation in the last two decades and now are the primary means of international trade. Data from revealed that seven into ten fabric buyers turn to B2B platforms for sourcing their raw material.


Industry Meetups:

Attending industry meetups can be very fruitful for your fabric manufacturing business. Taking part in local small-scale events or the international trade show will allow the exposure that your business needs. Such events are filled with potential customers and will help you to meet plenty of businesses looking for the fabric that you offer.

Trade shows are great to show what you offer and allow you to connect with customers on a personal level.



Another way to find potential buyers is by taking the pro-active route. Directories can offer you a wealth of information on fabric buyers and their whereabouts.

We recommend you to use any well-known online directory that will offer you insights on buyers' preference, their locations, and, most importantly, contact details. Once you have marked your customers, you can reach out to them and explain why and how buying from your brand can benefit them.


Search Engines:

The significance of search engines for businesses is not hidden from anyone. So, this will not come as a surprise that search engines like are the top priority for buyers when they go hunting fabric suppliers.

To tackle that, you must have a strong online presence and an up to date website. If you can land your website on the very first page of Google, your chances to find fabric buyers will multiply 3x.


Social Media:

Whether you have used social media for business or not, it remains one of the top platforms to find buyers. Although marketers were under the influence that social media could only help B2C businesses, but that changed quickly. Social media is just as effective for B2B businesses as it is for consumer domains.

There are loads of groups on different social media profiles that are filled with supportive entrepreneurs and buyers. You can join groups or use any available resources like paid advertising and come in contact with potential buyers. If you are using it right, social media can indeed generate good results.

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