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Agriculture is one of the few industries that will never die. Last year, agriculture's overall market size was around $12,152.6 Billion. As the world is also seeing some environmental risks, many Governments have also started promoting agricultural p

Read More 3 mins Read is not a traditional retail platform, but it is known as one of the best online websites to purchase wholesale goods. Although it doesn’t have warehouses to keep stocks and doesn’t provide logistic services, yet buyers acro

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Most food chains can’t survive without animals; indirectly, they rely on the animal feed industry. Whether it is the dairy or the seafood industry, they all need good quality animal feed for their animals. This article is for you if you are al

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Tradewheel – the fastest-growing B2B e-commerce website – allows you to create an account and do business globally. However, if you have an account and for some reason, you wish to delete it, then read on. We have made it relatively simp

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Did you know that clothing is Africa's number 1 import? Experts suggest that selling African clothing is particularly challenging because of its uniqueness. It is certainly not easy to find high-quality African clothing items. Therefore, buyers do no

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Are you interested in securing profitable deals with wholesale sugar buyers residing in different parts of the world? There are many ways of selling a commodity in today’s modernized era. If you look around, there are many technological advance

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  Sourcing refers to vetting and selecting suppliers that can help provide high-quality goods within a buyer's budget. It involves thorough market research to find the best suitable options. Moreover, a buyer also needs to set quality and quant

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The forecast shows that China's packaging industry is going to have a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.5% during the period 2021-2026. Demographics, social climate, and other factors hugely inspire China's packaging sector. All things must ev

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It is safe to say that many major sectors contributing to the global economy would cease to exist without an up and running industrial machinery manufacturing one. This includes the service, agricultural, construction, mining, automobiles, heating, v

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It is no surprise that consumers spend a great deal of their discretionary income on footwear and apparel. As a result, both industries are booming worldwide, and Shoe Manufacturers are making huge profits. Global Statistics of Footwear Industry: T

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You may have identified your B2B target audience, but that’s not all. What matters is your relationship with the customers who are likely going to indulge in business activities with you. It goes without saying that any firm that knows its pros

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Companies across the globe agree that China has the best production facilities, manufacturing premium quality goods and charging pretty affordable prices. If you have a history of buying from a Chinese supplier, then the term 'minimum order quantity

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