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Why is Better Than Other B2B Portals


Your business should never be on the receiving end of the loss, hence choosing the best B2B portal that fits the needs of your company is a pivotal task. We have plenty of B2B eCommerce portals emerging from China, USA, UK, and Hong Kong that are offering a plethora of international importers and manufacturers for you to form a business relationship with. Their famous name is their goodwill, and sometimes that is all they have to offer. Their hot status in the B2B world does not mean that it is always the best for all SMEs and large-scale businesses.


There are some things that you, as a buyer or seller, deserve when you register to a B2B platform. This blog will highlight all the benefits of associating your business with TradeWheel instead of a big name B2B brand that does not have much to offer.




This is a kind of business model that promotes closer relationships, made by people and for people. The H2H model focuses solely on creating connections between humans; it represents the idea that even after the advancement in the technology behind every business, consumer, institution, non-profit, or government body, there is a living, breathing human being who is making big decisions about your company.


Other B2B brands are still using old conventional automated models. Their system is still based on an automated model while we at TradeWheel have switched to a more effective human-based model. Unlike Traditional B2B platforms, works on Real-Time Connectivity Model that we have termed the H2H (Human-to-Human) Connectivity Model. This means that every buyer or seller that we provide you, we guarantee you that he will be connected with you in real-time.




At B2B platforms, you get the option of posting your products in an online Shop like system then wait for inquiries. We at TradeWheel believe in quality over quantity. The buyer inquiries we bring for you will be certified and accurate. We take great care in sorting buyer queries because an inquiry with no-response means a waste of time and effort for our clients and us too. At other B2B platforms, you will get buyer inquiries that are time-wasting and junk. With, you are guaranteed to receive more inquiries from verified and authentic buyers. We have a skilled and dedicated buyer leads verification team. This team is responsible for gauging the daily count of thousands of buyers each day to ensure the leads are of high quality and have sufficient details for you to prepare a meaningful quotation.




B2B phenomenon is not new; hence the B2B platforms that have been around for years have garnered a lot of users, which sometimes include heaps of junk users too. As a result, the website contains a large number of junk buyer offers and products. Even if we count the genuine sellers, the competition is astounding. For a single product, there are thousands of gold sellers, which gives small SMEs a lesser chance of visibility. If you can purchase their costly gold membership, then well and good, but in most cases, not everyone can afford to pay around 4600 to 6000 USD. Things don’t end at purchasing a gold seller membership. Due to tight competition, you also have to purchase a TOP rank badge, which also costs around 5000 USD. Their online shop comes with a Gold membership, which does not guarantee any verified buying leads. At TradeWheel, we only have certified buyers and sellers, and our dedicated team is responsible for exterminating junk users. You will only encounter genuine leads and product sellers, and due to healthy competition, you have more chances to form a deal. 




TradeWheel uses the Human Assistance Service model, which employs the services of an International Sales Manager that takes care of your business like their own. An international sales manager will help you establish a striking presence online. He or She works dedicatedly for the sole purpose of your brand’s development and prosperity. Their primary focus is finding potential clients and assisting you throughout the procedure until the order is closed. These clients will be connecting with you in real-time via WeChat, WhatsApp, Email, Skype, or other instant messaging platforms. Other duties that our International sales managers perform are handling international sales, fetching & connecting importers & buyers, arranging & attending offline & online meetings, working on different communication channels and logistics.




B2B makes the vendors trust strangers they may never meet. To play it safe, a good B2B company’s verification methods must be robust. With our carefully crafted methods, we ensure safe and secure transactions among businesses. Our seasoned professionals determine the identification of remote potential suppliers and buyers through avid data collection and identity verification solutions.


At various B2B platforms, there have been some fraud attempts that bring the trust level of users down. It is not entirely their fault; the low prices mixed with high minimum order quantity requirements increase the risk of scams and counterfeit products. With a high M.O.Q, you end up losing much more if you ever get defrauded. To be on the safe side, TradeWheel verifies the suppliers and helps the buyer in every step of the way to form a relationship of mutual trust that is beneficial for both parties.



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