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10 Best Online Small Business Ideas to Start in 2024

The culture of small businesses is on the rise. The factor that makes it really easy to start is that you do not need to hire anyone, at least when launching it. Around 80% of small businesses do not have any employees. It does not mean that you would have to work all alone. Instead, you would be working on collaborations with other businesses. 

Here, we will dive into some ideas you can start working on today. Most of them have easy entry for new entrepreneurs to enter. However, you should focus on pursuing a business that aligns with your expertise. 

Why should you start an online business?

Today’s world is a global village connected through the internet. Almost every business is either going online or preparing for it. The ones ignoring this development might become the next Nokia. If you also want to build a profitable business, there is no better time than to start today. Following are a few advantages that you can get from starting an online business:

  1. Low startup and operating cost
  2. High profit margins
  3. Time flexibility
  4. Great scalability
  5. Massive reach 

10 Best Online Small Business Ideas for 2023

     Start Selling on

Many new or small businesses make the mistake of setting up their store on highly competitive marketplaces. Instead, you should look for marketplaces with less competition among sellers and a good number of buyers too. A single marketplace that ticks all these boxes is

It is an international B2B E-Commerce marketplace. Businesses from different industries come on it in search of high-quality products. The product posting procedure here is much simpler than most of their competitors. You can also go through their Buyer Pages to find numerous buying leads. For all these reasons, the room for growth on this platform is almost endless. 


Freelancing has entirely changed the job market. Now, you can go online and do quite high-paying jobs. However, most freelancers find it challenging to keep doing remote jobs in the longer run. 

Instead of being the only employee, you should first build a good reputation in the industry you are operating in. After that, try to build a team and become a brand. For that, you should not be relying on a single Freelancing marketplace. You should have a separate website or presence on multiple portals with your updated portfolio and customer reviews. In short, you should consider Freelancing as a business, not a remote job. 

     Launch your Blog Website

Starting a blog is easy, but maintaining it is a challenging task. Therefore, most blogs fail due to the low attention they get. If you choose the right niche and add posts consistently, you can build a good audience around it. 

You can have multiple income options on a single blog website like selling guest posts, affiliate products, Google Adsense, and more. A good quality blog takes at least 6 to 12 months to show you results on the time and energy you invest in it. However, the numbers here would be comparatively more stable than most social media or third-party e-commerce websites.

     Create online courses

Everyone is good at something. You may also have some skills or knowledge that others want to learn. From teaching how to draw to advancing data science courses, there is a market for everything. 

You can even start without all the fancy stuff. Simply focus on adding value to your targeted audience, and the results you will get would be amazing. Once you have completed the first pre-recorded course, you will earn money every time someone buys it. Therefore, you can also consider it to be a passive income. 

     Become a Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant is more like being self-employed. As a VA, you would be providing administrative, creative, or technical assistance services to individuals or businesses remotely. It gives you great flexibility, and if you have good technical knowledge like Amazon or Alibaba, you can surely make quite big amounts here too. 

It has a low startup cost, but you may have to work odd hours, especially if your time zone is different from your clients. If you are working on the client’s marketing spend, you would be accountable for every dollar and have to justify it with good returns. 


Dropshipping is quite a popular business model among students. This business model is about selling products without maintaining an inventory of your own. To start, you can list products on different websites that you want to sell. After receiving orders, contact the relevant supplier and ask them to ship goods to your customer’s address directly. 

The dropshipping process may seem simple at first glance, but it is filled with several ups and downs that you will find out while implementing it. The most common challenge sellers face is finding relevant suppliers with consistent supply capabilities. In case if sellers ship products that differ from the description, it will only damage your brand’s reputation in the market, not the distributors. 

     Sell Digital Products

Building a digital product demands investment. Some common digital products are e-books, membership sites, music, and a lot more. What makes it amazing is that you can literally never run out of stock. Currently, it is a billion-dollar industry with several big names. Yet, it has room for new ones to join and great returns. 

Before investing in making a digital product, choosing a niche market and focusing on solving problems for a small group of people would be better. It does not matter how good your digital product is. No one will buy it if they are unaware of it. Therefore, spending on its marketing is a must. 

     Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most used segments in the ad industry. Affiliate Marketers promote products of other companies and earn a commission based on sales. The exact contract may vary from platform to platform, but the basic idea remains the same. You can start it as a side hustle along with a full-time job too. 

To start, you can sign up for Amazon Affiliate Program. They have got almost everything from A to Z for sale. They give up to 10% commission on every unit sale you make. You can also compare their terms and conditions with other sites to get an idea of which one might be most suitable for you.

     Give Live Online Tutions

The market size of students looking for good online tutors is massive. The Covid lockdown a few years ago is also a factor that resulted in this change. This market comprises of students that are willing to pay higher than to those who offer pre-recorded lectures. Furthermore, there is no limit to how many students you can have in a single class. Having limited seats for an online class can also make students pay a premium amount. 

To give live tuition, you should be a subject matter expert to keep it working in the longer run. If this business starts expanding, you can always hire more teachers. You should always hire experienced teachers with expertise in teaching online. Or else, they may damage not their but your brand’s reputation. 

     Become a Consultant

In today’s world knowledge is power. If you have experience and expertise in a specific industry, you can easily become a consultant. People need consultancy for marketing, business, management, SEO, and almost every other thing that you can think of. Most businesses charge on an hourly basis. 

The biggest challenge you would have in this industry would be to find your first few clients and build a credible reputation. Other than that, scaling and setting the right price can also be a challenge because you simply can not have the same price for different projects. 

Tips to start an online business

     Be Different

There are thousands of businesses that operate in the same industry with similar or even better products. You may also have some direct competitors with bigger teams or better brand reputations. How do you plan to compete with them? 

To sustain in the market for long terms, you always need a strong differentiator that can not be easily copied. The most common mistake is to market your low pricing as a differentiator. The process of scaling a business to a bigger level demands a hike in price. Therefore, you should look for a unique selling point that only you can offer. 


     Build Strong Partnerships

The company's future is forecasted to be all about collaborations with other businesses. There is no business that processes raw materials to final product right by itself. At every stage from producing, marketing, and selling goods, companies partner with various businesses. They can open almost endless opportunities for your growth. Therefore, having a good relationship with suppliers and other companies is also considered a strong differentiator. 


     Be Honest

You may already have heard that honesty is the best policy. It is implementable for businesses too. Only to get orders, new online businesses make claims that they can not fulfill. It may help you get some small orders, but it would destroy your brand’s overall reputation. In short, you should only promise things that you can fulfill. 



Starting a side hustle or a small business is never a bad idea. You only need a workable strategy and good implementation. Several large companies were also once just small businesses. Go through all the options, compare them, and choose the one that aligns with your interest and expertise. Also, if you are aiming for a long-term goal, you should focus more on customer relationships instead of ROI at least for a few months. 

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