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How To Become A Supplier On

Businesses are adapting themselves to online buying and selling methods at a very fast pace. Therefore, having a presence in B2B E-Commerce sites has become the need of the hour and not just a nice-to-have element anymore. Till the year 2025, 8 out of 10 B2B sales transactions are forecasted to take place online. Many procurement officers also use wholesale trading marketplaces to compare the rates they get in the offline market. As more and more buyers have changed their procurement method from traditional to online methods, it creates new opportunities for suppliers, and helps you make the most out of it. Here, we will help you with a step-by-step guide on how you can become a supplier on to have a profitable presence in the digital world.

Start by Listing your Business

Firstly, start by creating your seller account. For that, you can visit’s homepage and find a signup form on the top-right side. Fill it accurately and click “Join Now” to receive an email verifying your account.


After that, you need to verify your email address. For that, check your email inbox and click on “Verify Email Address,” and your account will be verified automatically.


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To add information about your business, sign in to your account with your email and password and click on the “Member’s Area” button at the top right section.

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In the Member’s area, start by adding information about your company. For that, you can see a dropdown button named “Company” on the left sidebar. Click on it, and you will get forms to add all your company’s information. Enter all details, certifications, and FAQs about your business here.

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The more details you add here, the better it will be. Even when buyers find the right product, most of them view their company pages to learn more about the supplier and make a final decision if they want to contact them or not. For that reason, it is extremely crucial to have all the details that would grab the interest of your potential customers.


How to Post Products?

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When posting products on, you should be aware that it will be shown on relevant searches within this platform and may also appear on Google searches. Therefore, use relevant keywords in the Product Title and description. Most buyers also prefer to ask for quotations for products that have high-quality images or videos.


To add products, go to your Member’s Area, and at the left side of the bar, go to Products > Add.

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Fill out the form with accurate details about your product and click on the green-colored “Upload Product” button at the bottom right to upload it. 


If you need further assistance, you can also click on the “Need Help” button to get automated assistance.


View File also allows you to post multiple products. To view all of them, tap on Products > All. After that, it will give you a list of all your live products on the platform.


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Having multiple products increases the chances of getting more inquiries and orders. Make sure that you have added all your products with detailed descriptions and high-quality images/videos to get the best results out of it. 


How To Approach Buyers? is a globally used B2B marketplace. International Buyers from different industries and countries visit it to post their sourcing requirements in search of manufacturers like you. As buyers from various industries with different-sized needs use this marketplace, you can always find buying leads here that match your supplying capabilities.


To view’s buying lead pages, visit their Global Buyer Directory. Here, you can use the search bar to look for the product’s buyers you are looking for.


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For example, if you are looking for raw cotton buyers, type “raw cotton” in the search bar and press enter to view a list of RFQs posted by global importers.


Almost every buying lead here is unique and has different requirements for quantity, price, and order frequency.


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Tap on Buying leads that look relevant and click on “CONTACT BUYER” if you meet their requirements. When sending quotations, you need to be aware that more sellers might be contacting them. Thus, try to give your best offer to maximize the chances of getting the order.


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We receive numerous buying leads frequently. Therefore, we would recommend you to visit our buying lead pages regularly to keep up with all the growth opportunities you can avail of here.

How to Form a Long-Term Trading Relation with Buyers

Getting leads and finding new buyers is great, but businesses grow when they retain their clients, especially in the long run. To form such profitable relations with buyers, you need to always go a step further than most distributors would go. Following are a few common ways to retain buyers:


Internal Workgroups

Sellers should have a dedicated employee to discuss the common sourcing needs of buyers and provide personalized solutions accordingly. In most cases, what is more important than offering your products or services is to have a good discussion about their objectives and build a two-way relationship. Once you form a strong full bond, the chances of getting repeat orders increase significantly. When contacting them, you should not be like one of those salespersons who are selling their products. Instead, it should sound like you are helping them get closer to their objectives.

Additional Services

With all the B2B marketplace, the number of your direct competitors is endless. There are thousands of sellers that offer a similar product to yours, and some may be even selling for lower prices. In such a market, the best way to stand out is to provide additional services. Such services can include after-sales, employee training, repair, and other services. Of course, these elements are an additional expense, but if you compare it with the new buyer acquisition cost, such service expenses would always be much lower. Not only that, but it will also create a strong reputation in the current industry.

Flexible Credit Terms

Showing some flexibility on the credit terms is one of the biggest favors a supplier can make, especially when a business is not financially stable. When companies always have multiple sellers to choose from, they prefer to go with suppliers who can be with them even in difficult times. Thus, to make a profitable relationship with buyers that can last, you need to be with them in all of their ups and downs, too. Or else, it would not take them long to switch them to your competitors whose supply capabilities are similar to yours. The major chunk of suppliers also charges slightly higher for selling products with flexible credit terms, and you can do it, too.

Centralized Contracting

You can make sourcing easier for your buyers by supplying them with more than one type of product. Especially if your clients are working on a large-scale project, you should surely ask them about their procurement requirements to understand how you can help them in the future. The key factor that can help you win centralized procurement contracts is to have a rich history of maintaining a certain quality consistently. It also minimizes the risk of disputes between buyers and sellers.


Why Choose is a fast-growing B2B marketplace. Throughout our history, we have helped numerous companies to expand their to the international market. You can also post your products here for free and showcase them to relevant importers across the globe. 

The following are a few factors that make us stand out among other marketplaces.

Easy Entry

Most B2B E-Commerce marketplaces have made it quite challenging to get your products approved and listed. It gets even more difficult if you are new to this industry In contrast to them, we always focus on helping sellers start their journey with ease. The product posting procedure is quite simple, and it will only take a few minutes to post them. Still, if you ever get puzzled, you can always contact our support staff, and we will help you out.

Less Competition and More Opportunities

Every day, new buyers are joining this marketplace, which generates new opportunities for sellers to expand their business. We also focus on giving good reach to new sellers to make sure they can generate leads and earn good profits.

Global Reach

Importers from different countries use to get in contact with suppliers like you. If you are using the right way, such as posting all your products, sending Quotation to relevant buyers, and more, you are more than likely to get some good reach which can convert to orders.


How To Become a Supplier to Large-Scale Production Units?

Production units of all sizes, from small to large, use to source goods. To make sure that large-scale factories also approach you, you need to have your certifications, legal compliance documents, and reviews of your past customers featured on your company page. Such information makes a positive impact on the procurement officers and increases their chances of approaching you.

If you are approaching by sending them personalized offers, try to do some research that how their procurement team makes decisions. For example, if they are price-conscious, then you should offer discounts. On the other hand, you may also find some companies that are more focused on high quality or sustainability. In short, your focus point should always be what importers are looking for.

Even when large-scale manufacturers find a relevant supplier, they do not send requests for quotation directly. First, they visit the supplier’s company page and their website to get a better understanding of the supplier’s values, history, and what they can expect from them. Therefore, it does not matter on how many sites you have listed your products, or how great your reach is, if you do not have a good company page and user-friendly website, you are going to miss out on a lot of trading opportunities.


Have a Look at’s Success Stories

Over the years,  has helped many businesses to grow bigger with us. We always focus on making sure that businesses like yours can always have good leads. We also have a dedicated page where we have published the success stories of businesses that used and found it quite helpful in their journey for growth.

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Other than our own website, you can also find such positive responses from businesses on other sites like Trustpilot. You can take a look at the online reviews there as well and will surely find most of them to be quite positive. 

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Companies are changing the way they make procurement decisions. Almost every day, more buyers are joining to look for suppliers like you. No matter what industry you are operating in or what products you offer, you can find relevant importers for almost any product here from A to Z. Over the years, we have assisted multiple companies in expanding their business internationally. We welcome you to become a supplier here and post your products to reach your potential customers. You can post your products here and explore the buyer's directory to send your quotations directly to relevant purchase managers. In short, the growth potential on this site is endless.

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