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List of Top 7 Russia B2B Marketplace

Russia is a massive market for exporters. It has a developing economy that imports machinery, consumer goods, agricultural products, chemicals, and a lot more. Suppliers that deal in any of these product categories see Russian B2B marketplaces as a great opportunity to enter this growing market. On the other hand, Russia is also quite rich in natural resources such as timber, minerals, gas, oil, and more. Therefore, importers from numerous countries look to contact Russian companies.

Whether you want to enter this B2B Russian market as a seller or import minerals from there, using B2B marketplaces can give you a quick headstart. Following are a few top B2B marketplaces in Russia that you should consider using.

1. gets buyers and sellers from all across the world on a single platform. It also includes helping Russian-based companies get exposure to the international market. Numerous Russian B2B companies use to feature their products and sell them to buyers. Other than that, it is also a popular portal among companies to find credible distributors who supply high-quality goods at affordable prices. is a popular Russian B2B marketplace as it has a dedicated product category for almost all major imports and exports of Russia. Procurement officers only need to search for the product they need or post an RFQ, and they will receive personalized offers accordingly. 

Product manufacturers looking to enter the Russian market can get their company listed on and post their products with details their potential customers would like to know. Along with that, you can also explore the B2B buying directory of and approach potential buyers with their best deals.

2. Alibaba

When it comes to B2B marketplaces, you can never neglect the significance of Alibaba and how it makes bulk procurement easier. Despite being a Chinese portal, it also has a massive customer base in Russia. The major chunk of importers who use Alibaba in Russia are price-conscious buyers looking to get cost-effective solutions for their bulk purchases. Economies of scale also play a crucial role in helping China-based sellers to get a competitive advantage over Russia’s local sellers. 

In the past few years, Alibaba has invested in entering the Russian market. For this goal, they also partnered with Mail.Ru, offered local payment options, and launched a dedicated Russian-language platform to eliminate any type of language barrier among buyers and sellers. With all these advantages, Alibaba has become one of the top B2B Russian marketplaces to enter its local market.

3. Napolke

Napolke is a Russia-based B2B marketplace specializing in industrial goods and construction materials. Their focus on a specific market allows them to specialize in this segment and get a competitive advantage compared to generalized marketplaces. 

Companies in Russia prefer to use Napolke for procurement because of their verified network of sellers. They have a vast network of verified manufacturers that sell different industrial and construction material products. Verifying the credibility may sound like an additional step for the seller, but it surely boosts the overall confidence of buyers. All payments made on Napolke are through their Escrow services. 

It acts as an intermediary that holds payment until the buyer receives the goods. Such additional focus on providing add-on services to buyers has resulted in excellent popularity among procurement officers. It also leads to a better and more extensive market for suppliers to target.


Companies planning to enter the Russian market prefer to use This is one of the few sites in English and is still popular among Russian businesses. They also offer in-language support to minimize the language barrier between buyer and seller so that you can focus on building profitable partnerships with sellers and close deals on the best terms. deals in multiple product categories. This site is always there to assist you with trading despite what specific products you deal in. This site has all the necessary tools a company would need to enter the Russian market. You only need to get your company featured, list your products with all attributes, and optimize your listing to get the best visibility on it.

 5. Ryvok

Ryvok is one of the most popular B2B marketplaces in Russia. It was launched back in 2018, and in a short period, many buyers and sellers used it to smoothen their bulk trading experience. This marketplace deals in multiple product tool categories, such as building materials, power generators, machines, etc. They help sellers automate most of their operations and reduce overall logistics costs. With such cost-saving features, you can lower your rates to stand out among your competitors and increase sales. 

Buyers use Ryvok for their procurement because of the large selection of more than 80,000 professional equipment they feature. It includes both new and used ones. Simply search for whatever type of machine you need, and you will always be satisfied with the overall options you get there. Another thing they are known for is their prompt delivery. The regular shipment from the warehouse takes around 1-2 days only. However, it may vary based on what specific product you are buying and your location.

6. Marketplace-B2B

Companies that are looking to connect with Russia-based production factories should start their search from Marketplace-B2B. It features a comprehensive list of manufacturers in Russia. It has been operating for quite a while and has helped numerous businesses to connect with the right supplier in only a few clicks. This site only features suppliers that offer quality assurance and take complete responsibility for maintaining a certain quality standard of goods and services they provide. Therefore, buyers can always be confident while placing bulk orders on this marketplace. 

Whatever product you are looking for, you just need to search for it and then explore all the available options. If you find a product and have some questions about it, you can ask it directly to the supplier and expect a quick reply from their end. Buyers also post their reviews about the products and overall experience they had with a seller to assist companies make a well-informed decision.

7. Sdelki

Sdelki has been connecting Russia-based companies for trading purposes since 2001. It is quite popular among small to medium-sized businesses that buy wholesale goods. Unlike most B2B marketplaces, it is not a saturated one. As its buyer base is always expanding, there is always room for more distributors to post their products and get some great sales. It only allows manufacturers of FMCG goods to feature their products. Posting products on this site is completely free, but you would have to pay a 5-15% commission on every transaction you make on this site. Sdelki has quite a good turnover rate, and it is only getting better with each year, which brings an endless potential for sellers to join.

Sdelki is a popular option for procurement among buyers because of how easy it is to contact the right seller directly. You can place your order, and Sdelki will calculate your overall transportation and other additional costs. Still, if you ever have any queries, feel free to communicate them with Sdeliki or the supplier you are in contact with.

Challenges For Exporters to Enter the B2B Russian Market

Companies looking to sell their goods in the Russian market face the following problems:

1. Language Barriers

When exporting, only translating the product description and other marketing material is not enough. Manufacturers also need to invest in aligning and localizing their communication styles according to their culture. The best to learn how to localize your product, you need to partner with local business owners or marketers to understand their market and position yourself accordingly.

2. Payment Methods

Most B2B Russia marketplaces offer payment gateways to keep your payment secure. If that is the case, the platform has already got you covered. However, if the platform is not providing it, then you should consider getting affiliated with a trusted and popular gateway to keep your payments secure. While signing up for any payment gateway, make sure that your Russian buyers have confidence in that platform.

3. Regulations and Logistics

Russia has strict regulation requirements, and most companies also expect on-time deliveries. Therefore, whenever you export goods there, ensure you are updated with all their terms and conditions that apply to your products related to certificates and documents. You can also consult official channels to seek their guidance for custom clearance and ensure compliance.


Numerous B2B marketplaces are used in Russia. Most of them are in their local language, but some English-based marketplaces also have a good market size there. If you are entering the Russian B2B market as a seller, your priority should be to localize your goods to have a better chance of getting orders. Also, do detailed research about what is working best for your competitors in Russia and how you can come up with a similar or better strategy.

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