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Where To Buy Raw Peanuts Wholesale

Peanuts are eaten in both raw and fried form. Other than that, they are also used in numerous in-demand food products. Therefore, restaurants, bakeries, and many other businesses buy bulk raw peanuts regularly for their specific operations. Most face similar challenges, such as ensuring quality, getting good prices, and more. Businesses also end up connecting with the wrong wholesale peanut suppliers. To ensure you do not make those mistakes, we are sharing a few ways to buy the best quality peanuts, along with a short guide on what factors you should be considering while sourcing. 


Where to Buy Raw Peanuts in Bulk?

There are several ways to buy raw peanuts in bulk quantities, like using online marketplaces, attending trade shows, or contacting local farms. Here, we will go through each of them and how they can help you.

Online Wholesale Marketplaces

Online marketplaces allow you to explore multiple options for the same product. We have mentioned a few great sites that have made sourcing much more efficient for many businesses like yours and are worth checking out. is one of the best websites to buy raw peanuts at wholesale prices. It features genuine peanut exporters from every part of the world. Exposure to the global market allows you to get in direct with the top brands. It also includes wholesale peanut suppliers that offer private labeling options. 

Exporters on supply bulk peanuts in all raw, green, and organic forms. Furthermore, these are also available in a variety of sizes, colors, and other nutritional attributions. The options here are almost endless. You can either post your sourcing requirements as RFQ or send inquiries to sellers that look promising. 

What makes unique among all the online marketplaces is the credibility of its sellers. Their list comprises the market’s leading names on a single page. Almost every supplier they feature has different supply capabilities, prices, MOQs, and other trading terms. This diversity is to make sure whether you are tight on budget or want to source a small quantity, you can always log on to and avail the best offers. 


  • Market’s best prices
  • Reliable sellers
  • Peanuts availability


  • MOQs or not fixed

wholesale Peanuts


India is one of the leading peanut exporters. If you also want to connect with Indian suppliers, you can simply not find a better B2B marketplace than IndiaMART. It is a bridge between Indian peanut distributors and all buyers and importers like you. 

Businesses prefer buying bulk peanuts from this region because of the sellers' low prices. Most dealers on these marketplaces are also open to negotiating their MOQs to support all businesses. It does not matter if you are under a tight budget or only want to source a small quantity; you can always rely on IndiaMART to get amazing offers that no other marketplace can match, especially regarding discounts. 

The factor that makes IndiaMART unique is that farmers also list their products. Therefore, it can also help you directly contact the local Indian farmers. Furthermore, India is one of the few countries supplying peanuts to the international market annually. If you also keep sourcing it in different seasons, your concern about quality control and consistency can be resolved by dealing with exporters from this region of the world.


  • Year-round supply capabilities of sellers
  • Great infrastructure for peanut exports
  • Affordable prices


  • Currency fluctuation in India


EuroPages is more like a yellow page directory of global businesses for European importers. It features sellers who have different products to offer, including bulk raw peanuts. Being an international marketplace, EuroPages focuses on featuring distributors with a history of maintaining a certain amount throughout the years. Therefore, you can always browse through this platform confidently. 

Despite all the amazing elements EuroPages has, it only importers from European countries to place orders. It is also available in multiple languages that are spoken within Europe. Simply use their search bar to look for the type of peanuts you want and then narrow your search with their advanced filtration features. Once you get a list of peanut suppliers, you can contact relevant ones and receive their custom-tailored offers. 

You can also view the ratings and reviews about a seller from their past customers. It helps make sure that you are dealing with the right vendor. You may find the prices to be slightly higher than what you may expect from other marketplaces. But consider it like a premium price for going through a list of verified distributors. 


  • Available in multiple languages
  • Features trusted suppliers
  • Free and easy to use


  • Some distributors might not be shipping to your country

Buy Raw Peanuts Wholesale

Directly Contact The Top Farms

Sourcing wholesale peanuts directly from farms increases the supply chain process's transparency. Furthermore, it also removes the middlemen’s commission, which results in lower prices. These are a few top peanut farms whose supply capabilities and terms may apply to your needs.


Kernile is a well-known peanut grower all around the globe. They have been in the farming industry for over 30 years and export peanuts to the USA, Ghana, and many more countries. Throughout their journey, they have built a strong reputation for consistently supplying the best quality peanuts. You may find their prices on a slightly higher end in the market, but that is like a premium you are paying to fill your inventory with superior quality goods.

Millions of farms are out there, but Kernile clearly stands due to its great inventory management. From seed selection to final customer delivery, they use the finest quality items and services. They are also open to showing complete transparency in their procedures. 

Their infrastructure consists of advanced technology and skilled workers with a single focus on earning customer’s trust, and for the most part, they are quite successful in it. You can contact them and ask for a specific type of peanuts, and their variety will never disappoint you.


  • A rich history of working with importers from different countries
  • Excellent customer service
  • Best operation transparency


  • Slightly higher prices

     Golden Peanut

If you want to stock up on sustainable peanuts grown with hearty peanuts, you can simply never go wrong with Golden Peanut. They have been a part of this market for over 3 decades. You can also consider it to be a family business that the next generation is continuing. 

Golden Peanut entirely depends on the land’s capabilities to harvest peanuts. It might not look like a big deal, but it is not very common. They educate and train their entire staff to only use practices that are good for the environment. For that reason, they are the first choice for any business looking to buy sustainable peanuts. 


  • Offer sustainable peanuts
  • Low MOQs
  • A family business with a history of over 3 decades


  • Not all peanuts are available year-round

     Hampton Farms

Hampton Farms grows all of its peanuts by itself without any outsourcing. Planting, harvesting, shelling, or roasting, all the operations are done through a standard method and practice to ensure consistency in taste and quality. They are physically located only in the USA and are open to exporting their goods to buyers in any country. 

If you are also in the USA, you can also visit their physical stores to get an idea of what quality they are supplying. Their stores are available in almost every state, and even if you are in another country, you can simply share your requirements with them, and they will get back to you with their best offers. They always focus on offering the market’s best prices without compromising on quality. They also have a refund policy in case the goods you received are not as described. It would be better to go through all of their terms and conditions while placing the order. 


  • Offer best prices
  • Can provide consistent quality
  • Wide availability


  • Physical stores are only available in the USA

Online Wholesale Marketplaces for Peanuts

Factors to consider when you buy peanuts in bulk

There are an endless number of things that you need to consider when dealing with a wholesale peanut distributor. Such factors may also vary based on for what purpose you are buying it. Here, we have shared a few common elements that everyone should be aware of while sourcing peanuts in bulk quantities:

     Quality and Freshness

You can never compromise on their freshness when sourcing edible items like wholesale peanuts. Even if you see the top names in your industry, they have been providing consistent quality to customers. It is made possible by building long-term trading relations with the distributor. Therefore, your priority should always be to build a source of high-quality peanuts from exporters who can maintain quality rather than going for low-priced goods. 

     Food Safety Certificates

To sustain your business in the long run, you should always verify that the peanut suppliers you are dealing with have proper certificates for it. Ideally, look for farmers or distributors that follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and have proper certificates like HACCP. Such certifications demonstrate the supplier's authenticity and their commitment to consistently maintaining food safety standards. 

     Packaging and Storage

While asking wholesale peanut distributors about the quality and price of their goods, you should never neglect the significance of packaging. You can find raw peanuts for sale in bulk quantities, but it does carry any value if the seller does not use the right packaging for shipment. Make sure that your distributor uses air-tight and well-sealed packaging so that you can receive peanuts in the best condition. 

     MOQ and Supply Capabilities

Especially if you want to build a long-term trading relationship, you should know in what seasons they can supply peanuts, their MOQs, and all of their terms and conditions. It would help you plan your sourcing much more effectively, even for months to come in the near future. 

source raw peanuts

Challenges of Buying Wholesale Raw Peanuts

Following are the most common hurdles businesses face while buying wholesale peanuts, along with solutions to overcome them:

     Seasonal Availability:

Peanuts are harvested under specific seasonal factors. Therefore, it can be challenging to maintain a certain inventory of it in the long run. To solve this problem, most businesses try to connect with wholesale peanut distributors from different countries. With reach to the international market, you can always find exporters who provide fresh bulk peanuts for sale in bulk quantities. 

     Quality Control:

Maintaining a consistent quality for edible goods like peanuts is always challenging for all businesses. It gets even more challenging when you are in contact with multiple distributors. In such cases, you should document the specific quality you need and never compromise on it, even if you must pay a little extra. 

     Storage and Shelf Life:

Proper storage is a must to extend the shelf life of peanuts to its maximum. Most nuts are mold-prone when sunlight, moisture, and air are exposed. Therefore, if you want to make the most of your financial investment, having a good storage and inventory system is necessary. 


When buying goods like peanuts in bulk quantities, you need to consider the entire supply chain procedure. Doing market research has seldom been easier than before due to access to the internet. You can connect with multiple exporters from different corners of the world with only a few clicks. The challenge is always to ensure that the suppliers you are dealing with match all the regulatory and custom requirements. Even once you have purchased it, maintaining a certain amount of stock of a specific quality standard is even more challenging. All of this gets easier when you are in touch with the right distributor and can be considered to be a make or break point of your entire sourcing cycle. 

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