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10 Best B2B agriculture websites for 2023

Agriculture is one of the few industries that will never die. Last year, agriculture's overall market size was around $12,152.6 Billion. As the world is also seeing some environmental risks, many Governments have also started promoting agricultural practices. Therefore, experts have also forecasted digital agriculture demand to increase by 9.6% CAGR for the next 5 years. On one side, it has increased the number of sellers and produced new opportunities for businesses to grow with the help of B2B websites. 

Top B2B Agriculture Website List

Agriculture is a massive and diverse industry. Therefore, businesses involved in bulk trade of Agriculture products need these trusted B2B websites to help them get a smooth buying and selling procedure.

Here are some of the top B2B Agriculture websites that can surely boost your business sales: is a globally trusted B2B marketplace known for making bulk trading easier and safer than ever before. It was made possible through our collaboration with the most trusted agricultural product distributors with a verified history of selling top-quality goods at competitive market rates. 

Unlike most bulk trading portals, we have a perfect balance of agricultural product buyers and sellers. It will only take a few minutes to list your products here and reach your potential customers from the USA, Europe, and worldwide. We also give you an opportunity to explore our buyer’s page and send your best offer to the agricultural product importers. Plus, all of this is for free. 

On the contrary, if you are a bulk agricultural product buyer, you will have difficulty finding a more diverse collection than this. Even if your quantity requirements or budget is small or large, we always have perfect sellers to meet your requirements. Contact your desired agricultural goods supplier or post a free RFQ to get tailored quotations tailored to your needs. You can also collect multiple offers to compare and pick the best. 

Global Sources:

Global Sources is one of the most trusted portals for farmers to connect with buyers. They have been operating in this industry for several years and have a strong reputation among global companies. You only need to search for what you are looking for, and you will get an endless list of verified sellers with a history of satisfying their customers' needs. 

You can place bulk orders at wholesale rates when you buy from Global Sources. As they have an endless list of verified suppliers, it gives you an opportunity to get multiple quotations and pick the best one among all.

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Agrimp is a B2B agriculture marketplace with a strong brand image in the USA, Europe, and many other countries for business. It is a user-friendly platform with the sole purpose of getting farmers in direct contact with industry purchase managers. You get unlimited access to their market by creating a free account here. They also have a safe, secure, integrated payment process and only feature verified buyers and sellers. Therefore, you never need to worry about getting ripped off here. 

You can post your products or buying requests here, and potential clients will look into it and contact you with their offers. If you want to make your bulk sourcing faster and simpler, you can not go wrong with Agrimp. 


If you want to source agricultural products, you can never ignore India’s presence in the global market. TradeIndia is the largest B2B agriculture marketplace in India. It connects international buyers with their local exporters. They have a strong reputation in the global market and are known for featuring sellers who deal at flexible terms. 

Their massive network consists of over 10 million registered users, and most are satisfied with the value they get here. To differentiate themselves from the overall market, most of their agricultural exporters keep their prices to a minimum. Therefore, if you source under a tight budget, TradeIndia might be the perfect solution for you.

B2B Agriculture:

B2B Agriculture is a china based marketplace. They deal in all kinds of agricultural products, equipment, and much more. You can also list your products here for free, but you would have to invest a bit to get results faster. As it is a relatively newer platform, you can post your products there and take advantage of competition among sellers. 

As a buyer, you would still have plenty of options to choose from at reasonably discounted rates. You can also take quotations from multiple sellers to compare them and pick the best of all. 

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Zagro is one of the oldest brands you will find in this industry. It was launched in 1953 under the name of the Swiss-based Zuellig Group. They have earned the trust of global companies by maintaining their standards for over 7 decades. They only deal in products related to crop and animal healthcare. To keep the transactions transparent, they get businesses in direct contact with third-party sellers. 

It is not a marketplace featuring millions of buyers and sellers. But they still have enough room for new businesses to join. In fact, they always have a high demand for sellers from Africa, Latin America, South East Asia, and the Middle East. 


ProduceMart is one of the best portals for farmers to connect with buyers. Their primary focus has always been to find support for small to medium-sized businesses. As its founder was also a farmer, he knew all the pain points in this industry and tried to solve them. They have an inspection team with years of experience and ship their products as per international standards to make sure you receive them in the best condition. 

As all of their sellers go through a tough procedure to list their products, it might also be time-consuming for you. However, it also eliminates the risk of a buyer getting scammed. Therefore, it is worth the time a company invests here. 


Go4WorldBusiness has been working as a bridge between bulk buyers and sellers since 1997, and even today, it is known for having a diverse list of companies from all over the world. They have always worked on making bulk trade faster and simpler. With them, you are always a few clicks away from reaching the right business to deal with. 

Post your product or sourcing requirements on their website, and you will be amazed by the number of offers you will get in such a short amount of time. Plus, most of them would be from companies that have a strong reputation in the global market. 


Agrinformart is one of the most diversified categories you can find for agricultural products. They deal in all kinds of seeds, fertilizers, tractors, and much more. Search for a specific item you want to buy, and you will get endless options. Furthermore, they also verify their sellers to ensure you can shop here confidently. 

Explore their product catalogs and contact their verified suppliers to get quotations. Their sellers are mostly quick to respond and offer amazing bulk order discounts. 


It is a one-stop digital solution for all your agricultural product sourcing needs. Agrofy deals in farm equipment, tools, fertilizers, and much more. Alejandro Larosa launched it with a single aim to assist agriculture businesses in fully using global digitalization. Therefore, they also have different financing models to help small and new businesses. 



These are a few common questions that most companies come up with:


How can you promote your agricultural products to a global audience?

Having a digital presence can help you reach your global customers faster. Here are the two ways you can promote them for free. 

1- List your products on B2B agriculture websites and optimize them.

2- Explore online agricultural product buyers’ directories and send customized quotations to potential clients.


What agricultural products are best for export?

It entirely depends on the market your targeting and your supply capabilities. A product that is high in demand in one region might not be required in another part of the world. Still, these are the top 5 agricultural products with a massive market in major parts of the world. 

1 Rice

2 Cattle meat

3 Cow’s milk

4 Maize

5 Wheat


Is there any risk involved in trading through B2B agriculture marketplaces?

Whether you trade through online B2B agriculture websites or face-to-face, there is always a risk factor involved. However, you can minimize it using platforms that enrich the history and positive reviews from past clients. Like, you can see our reviews here and on third-party platforms like Trustpilot and Sitejabber


Conclusion: Best Agriculture Websites

There are thousands of agricultural websites for farmers out there. Yet, all of them are different in some ways. The best approach would be to browse through them and choose a B2B platform whose values align with your requirements. You can also start with multiple platforms and choose the one that best suits your needs. 


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