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Find the Global Shea Butter Buyers

Shea butter is always in demand because of its great benefits in culinary, skincare, haircare, and other applications. Even right now there are many purchase managers looking to source premium quality wholesale shea butter. Plus, the number of its importers is only likely to increase in the upcoming years. Thus, it can be a great approach to become a shea butter supplier to satisfy their procurement need in exchange for good returns. We are sharing a few good ways you can find shea butter buyers in China, Europe, or any other part of the world. 


Online B2B Directories

Following are the best B2B directories to find shea butter buyers in China, UK, and all across the globe.

If you are into wholesale selling, you should be aware of Shea butter buyers in USA, UK, China, and many more countries go to this marketplace to look for trusted suppliers. As they have a strong network of buyers with different order sizes and frequencies, it can surely help you find relevant purchase managers. You only need to create a seller account on their website and you will directly get access to their buying lead directory. After that, you can reach out to potential bulk shea butter buyers with your best offers.

In the last few years, many small to medium-sized businesses used to find buyers and most of them had a great experience. Therefore, it is a strongly recommended portal that every B2B business must use. It stands out among other marketplaces by keeping its product posting procedure fast and simple. In only a few minutes you can get your shea butter products listed on their website which will expand your reach to the international market. Their support staff can also assist you at every stage of product posting and understanding how it works.



Volza is ranked among the world’s top data trading platforms. It was designed with the core mission to assist suppliers in getting in direct contact with top-level decision-makers with ease. Their diverse range of data also includes international buyers of shea butter. With their directory, you will get access to the potential buyer’s name, address, phone number, and other contact information. After that, you can approach with the best strategy you feel like. You can also use the advanced filter options they offer to only view purchase managers with specific criteria to find better leads. 

You can always count on Volza to provide the latest and genuine buying leads of bulk shea butter importers. They also have a feature to turn on Trade Alerts. By activating it, you will automatically receive a notification whenever a relevant buyer is found. Other than getting you in direct contact with potential buyers, they can also give you market insights that which countries are the leading importers of shea butter. It will help you make a well-aware strategy for target paid campaigns. 



From small to large-sized organizations, all of them can use Go4WorldBusiness to find shea butter buyers in UK, Europe, or any other part of the world. Its name also indicates that you should expect nothing less than international exposure. They have a large searchable directory filled with buyers from different countries and companies. You can sign up on their website for free to be able to contact relevant purchase managers. As it allows sellers to join for free, Go4WorldBusiness is worth trying out to get an idea of how it can help you get more orders.

If you want to use Go4WorldBusiness at its full potential to find bulk shea importers, you should subscribe to their membership plans. It would increase the total number of buyers you can contact in a week and also make your quotations rank higher. For example, if you get their membership and it does not work out for you, they give a complete money-back guarantee for it. Therefore, when you get their membership, there is almost no risk involved. 

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     Shea Institute

Shea Institute has a goal to enable companies to develop the best practices to produce the finest shea-based products. To make all of this possible they arrange comprehensive 1 on 1 consultation sessions. From its processing, and packaging, to finding buyers and exporting, Shea Institute is open to assist you at every stage of trading. Throughout their history, they have worked with several companies and have gained quite a lot of experience and market insights. Thus, they can surely give you a competitive advantage over the other shea butter suppliers. 

Even though Shea Institute itself does not buy or sell Shea butter or other shea products, it can help you connect with potential buyers. Due to the great consultancy and strong reputation within the current market, many shea butter buyers share their application requirements with them and ask for relevant matches. If you meet their quality standards and have all the documentation required for exporting shea butter, there is a good chance that they can help you get large-sized orders. You should at least share your details and expectations with them to understand how they can help you grow your business.



EC21 is an internationally used wholesale trading marketplace. They started out back in the year 1997 and since then it has been quite popular among both B2B buyers and suppliers. Many shea butter buyers in Europe prefer to use EC21 because of the diverse list of sellers they have. They currently have a large number of manufacturers that operate in different market segments. Despite all of that, they are still looking for exporters to fill the gap between demand and supply. 

To start using EC21, you only need to create a free seller account and post all your products. Optimizing the right product with the right strategy can surely help you get some orders. After that, visit their Buying Lead page and search for relevant buyers. Once you find the right shea butter importer, reach out to them with your best quotations to maximize your chances of getting the order. By getting their subscription, you can also turn on their Trade Alerts to receive mail whenever a potential importer posts a buying lead on EC21. 


Social Media Platforms

These are a few social media platforms you can use to find global shea butter buyers. 


Most businesses neglect the significance of social media platforms so much. But one thing they may not know is that most of the decision-makers and shea butter importers they are trying to find out are already available on LinkedIn. You can search for the posts where procurement officers mention they are looking to buy wholesale shea butter and build connections with them. 

The factor that makes LinkedIn truly stand out is the great organic reach it offers. Even without paying you can expect to get good reach and build strong connections with buyers. This social media platform also carries purchase managers from the world’s top organizations and brands that are almost always looking for trusted suppliers. In short, the potential for growth on LinkedIn is almost endless. 

LinkedIn is filled with high-paying buyers who are looking for top-notch quality. If you can deliver what they need, you should surely try it out. Even today, this is the largest social media portal from where companies generate leads and convert them to high-paying customers. Especially if you are looking to sustain in this industry in the longer run, you should surely make full use of it. 


Facebook is not commonly known for B2B marketing or lead generation. But, real social media marketers know the impact it can make. You can join several groups that carry a good number of target audiences. After that, you can post your products along with some good offers there. The most important thing here is to understand that it should not look salesy or else it would drop the conversion rates by a lot. 

If you are going to run a paid campaign, you should know that Facebook has the lowest rates on per-person reach. It helps you reach out to your potential customers at a minimum cost. But, the real challenge is that most paid campaigns about B2B products did not have a great conversion ratio. Therefore, you would have to hire a professional social media to get the best results. 

Cold Emailing

Cold Emailing is a great strategy to reach out to potential shea butter importers. It gives you an opportunity to send your offer to a large number of buyers at the same time. Most professionals recommend dividing the entire email list into multiple segments and sending personalized emails to all segments. This personalization touch increases conversion by a lot. 

There are several ways to build a good email list such as attending industry events, offering and the list goes on. You can also try out multiple strategies to reach out to shea butter buyers and continue with the one that works best for you.

Trade Shows

Attending trade shows not only helps you meet bulk shea butter buyers but also gets market insights. By having direct interaction with buyers, you can build better relationships compared to approaching them through email or B2B directories. 

Another advantage is that it gives you an opportunity to take a deeper look at their requirements and provide a personalized solution accordingly. You can also get instant feedback to improve your offered products and brand position. 


How To Get a Compete in Today’s Highly Competitive Shea Butter Market?

Shea butter is quite a saturated market with many well-established and trusted brands. Yet, it has a comparatively easy entry to other cosmetic-related raw material items. The most important factor you need to consider to compete with sellers is that you can never compromise on quality control. Having proper documentation on your sourcing cycle can also help you boost the confidence of buyers early on. But, the biggest competitive advantage you can have is developing a strong brand identity. You need to earn the trust of your buyers by providing the best goods along with after-sales services. This is the most commonly practiced strategy by top brands and you should try it out too.


How Profitable is the Wholesale Shea Butter Business?

Due to the multiple uses of shea butter and consistently growing demand, shea butter is one of the most profitable commodities right now. Despite its popularity in the cosmetic industry, shea butter is also commonly used in chocolate products and a few other purposes. 

Most shea butter suppliers and manufacturers get to save around 15 to 25% of net profit. Its demand is forecasted to increase slightly by 6.8% till the year 2030. There are already numerous sellers in this market. Therefore, if you are planning to run a paid advertisement campaign, it would be better to target a niche market with a high demand for shea butter. Such campaigns usually have better conversion ratios which lead towards low cost per unit sales.


Which is the Biggest Wholesale Shea Butter Buying Market

Shea butter has a great demand all over the world, but its biggest market is in Europe. Averagely Europe imports around 250,000-300,000 tonnes of shea products. It includes around 50,000-90,000 tones of shea butter. Most European companies prefer to import shea butter from African countries. This is due to the great investment in West Africa towards their processing sector. As most businesses in Europe also have good buying power, most shea butter distributors try to run target purchase managers in this region. 



With access to digital directories, and social media platforms, and combining them with attending trade shows, the potential of finding shea butter buyers is almost endless. The real challenge is not to find purchase managers but to convince them to buy from you. For that, you need to have proper certifications and superior-quality goods. Most shea butter buyers are price conscious, thus suppliers need to be more focused on the quality they offer to get better and bigger orders, especially in the longer term.

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