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Why Buyers Prefer is not a traditional retail platform, but it is known as one of the best online websites to purchase wholesale goods. Although it doesn’t have warehouses to keep stocks and doesn’t provide logistic services, yet buyers across the world trust it to source their inventories. must be doing something right to garner this position and trust in such a short time. 

In this article, we will discuss all the reasons why international buyers prefer over dozens of popular b2b websites. 

What is is a platform where buyers can explore and order everything and anything in bulk quantities. Buyers have the opportunity to explore the global variety on one website and order their required stocks with their preferred suppliers. has taken all the functions associated with retail and then developed a data-driven website that coordinates purchase managers, sellers, manufacturers, and logistics together. 

With the help of advanced technology and leveraging the global wholesale trader’s data, has developed an efficient ecosystem that is faster, safer, and more convenient for businesses across the world. The company focuses on making trade activities easier for everyone everywhere.

Why Buyers Pick for bulk Sourcing:

As the saying goes, if you are not at the top, you are at the end. And this is exceptionally true for b2b websites. As a result, they strive to capture more market share every day. Today, over 81% of buyers search the internet before making a buying decision, which is definitely a huge number.

Every day hundreds and hundreds of buyers from across the world choose to source their inventories. But why? We studied different buyers and their behavior to identify the top reasons that make them choose over other websites.

Broad Selection of Products: 

One of the top reasons that most buyers agreed on was the massive range of products at When shopping for wholesale, buyers have the opportunity to explore the global variety, choose between hundreds of products and then make an informed decision! is known to be “The Shop” that has everything under its roof. From machinery to coffee tables and apparel, it is a comprehensive platform that carries all the possible variations and options in one place. Buyers can explore the worldwide variety by simply scrolling down. The company is not interested in creating a “me too” when it comes to international trade but focuses on how buyers would like to shop in the future and building just that. 

Free Membership:

Another reason why buyers prefer is the fee membership. Buyers from across the world can simply join the website and start exploring the global variety for free. The registration process is relevantly easy. All they have to do is to click on the “Join Free,” fill out a simple form with some initial details and become a part of’s huge network. 

It is completely free for buyers to explore the website and enjoy greater access to the worldwide variety. is free, and buyers can take advantage of connecting with their desired wholesalers or manufacturers with just a few clicks. 

Post-Free Buy Offers: 

Can’t find what you need? Don’t worry; has another excellent option to post Buy Offers for free. Buyers can either explore the variety of products listed under the category or simply post a buy offer with their specific requirements. This will allow the relevant suppliers to contact them. 

We talked to hundreds of buyers who have been shopping with over the years, and all of them said that “free buy offers” have been one of the reasons that keep them coming back to 


When shopping, the price has to be the defining factor for any purchase decision. is also famous among international buyers for its fair prices. Every two out of three respondents agreed that they get better and discounted rates with This shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone who has worked with the website. In order to be competitive and remain the buyer’s favorite platform to shop, lower prices are a part of their strategy. 

Buyers can explore and select the product they like and then send a request for quotation to the supplier, and that’s how the negotiation starts. Retailers who sell products quote their rates based on the buying volume; buyers can work out a better deal. Fair prices have always been a strong selling point for 

Best Shopping Experience: 

What most websites lack and cash on is the digital experience. With careful consideration and expertise, has created a website that is easy to use. Navigation problems on B2B websites is a known issue. But here, the traders can enjoy an easy-to-use website that helps to automate all the business operations. Buyers can easily navigate to their desired products with the proper categorization. Moreover, the fonts and font sizes are perfect and consistent throughout the website. 

Another thing that makes the shopping experience great at is the availability of detailed product descriptions. Each product has proper features and details attached to it. Making it easier for buyers to make the purchase decision. 

Excellent Customer Support:

Out of all the features offers, its customer support stands out. Whether it is the buyers who want to find the products or it is the suppliers who are looking for buyers, professional support executives offer amazing services to every customer. takes pride in maintaining the customer-centric approach. The company believes that good customer support generates an excellent customer experience. Thus, their representatives are with you every step of the way. Their quality customer service involves understanding your customers’ expectations and then delivering services in a way that exceeds those expectations.

Looking Forward:

It is no secret that has now become one of the top buyers’ choices. It provides an excellent shopping experience that is hard to match. But with a keen focus on why customers choose and working on those areas have allowed the website to make one-time visitors their loyal customers. Here we have mentioned some key points as to why buyers prefer bulk shopping with rather than the other websites. If you are also a bulk buyer who wants to find the ideal platform to source business inventory, has to be the best.

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