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What is H2H Model and why is it important for Businesses

In today’s world, people prefer to buy from people they can trust, and the H2H business model provides a perfect solution for it. H2H is the abbreviation of Human to Human, and this model focuses on building strong relationships between humans. This concept has flourished in the last few years and brands that adapted to it got better customer feedback. 


How H2H Model differs from B2B and B2C Business models? 

Business-to-Business: It connects businesses to trade products or services for mutual benefits. 

Business-to-Customer: It focuses on connecting businesses directly to the customer or consumer of the final product. 

Human-to-Human: It emphasizes building authentic and long-lasting human relations with potential businesses and customers. H2H’s primary objective is to prioritize a positive experience for all parties involved, whether businesses or customers. 


Importance of Human Connection in Online Business

Building trust online is challenging and time-consuming, especially when it comes to making business-to-business deals because of its longer sales cycle. It is important to stand out by building a direct human connection to make this procedure more efficient. 

Following are the top 3 factors that make the H2H model a modern time need:

  1. Understanding needs and preferences better
  2. Personalized interaction
  3. Building strong personal relations

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How Tradewheel uses H2H Business Model?

In today’s world where most businesses heavily rely on automated business models. But, we differentiate ourselves by using technology to get you in human contact with traders who can help you grow. You can also go through online reviews on our platform to get an idea of what you should expect.


       Prioritize Customers

Tradewheel always focuses on improving your trading experience by emphasizing on transparency and trust. We promote sellers with a history of maintaining their quality standards and giving you complete access to buying leads page. 

We believe in listening to all customer feedback and improving our services accordingly. All of this is to give you a personalized experience that is not yet not common in the B2B e-commerce industry.


       Direct Communication

Usually, B2B E-Commerce marketplaces do not allow companies to get in direct contact or share information. In contrast to them, we give you complete freedom to send your sourcing needs or quotations to each other. This direct communication also minimizes the chances of miscommunication and gives a better overall experience. 

This immediate connection between businesses leads towards an enhanced customer experience and builds the trust to form a long-term tradition relation. Let's say, if you want to sell paulownia wood, you can directly connect with the buyer, without having any middleman. It also gives us a competitive edge over all our competitors. 


       24/7 Customer Service

As we focus on giving enhanced customer experience, we do not use auto chatbots. Instead, we have a support staff of real humans working round the clock to help you. Regardless of the time or issue you face, click on the “Chat with Us” button and contact one of our customer support officials. Your message will reach our customer support staff, and they will ensure it gets resolved as soon as possible. 


How our H2H model helps your Business?

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We have made a list of values this approach has added to several businesses like yours and how you can benefit from it. 


       Give Personalized Experience To Buyers

If you have been in the B2B E-Commerce industry, you should have an idea that almost every business needs are unique and require a personalized solution. To assist them, you need to have something more than the “Buy Now” button next to the products. 

The H2H model Tradewheel follows gives you an opportunity to send personalized solutions to their sourcing needs. It helps businesses to get a better experience that makes international trading faster and simpler for both buyer and seller.


       Builds Trust

When it comes to making B2B deals, building trust is the make-or-break point, and this is also Tradewheel’s primary focus. Providing details about products with honesty and transparency to your potential customers automatically boosts your reputation in this industry. 

As B2B purchase managers prefer to deal with sellers who have a reliable record and a strong reputation in the industry. Therefore, these H2H marketing strategies can give you a competitive edge which not many B2B websites allow. The key is always to follow a customer-centric approach. Implementing all these strategies on a human level can enhance your reliability exponentially. 


       Improved Customer Loyalty

On most e-commerce platforms, buyers are treated only as a financial transaction. In contrast to them, our H2H business model assists businesses to interact with each other on a human level. It builds a community of like-minded people whom you can trust. 

As we allow sellers to connect with buyers and assist them rather than just selling, it creates a bond between them. Therefore, the customers here feel valued and believe that they get listened to. Which automatically leads to more customer loyalty towards both the supplier and the Tradewheel. 


       Get Better Customer Feedback

Not all buyers give feedback to the supplier. Even if they do, it might not be in much detail, but your experience on Tradewheel would be different. When you converse with the other party at every stage of decision-making, you get to know their pain points, behaviors, and many more factors directly. 

These direct conversations give you an opportunity to stay up to date with the latest customer wants and demands. All of this allows you to know what exactly your target audience is looking for and how you can improve on areas that you might not be aware of before. 


       Increase Your Brand Awareness 

With the right implementation of the H2H strategies, you can spread profitable brand awareness at almost no cost. All you need to do is make your customers feel like you genuinely care about their needs and are providing solutions for them - not selling goods. Once your target audience starts to feel valued, they are more likely to come back with more orders and recommend others. All of this is an opportunity for you to market your brand through word of mouth for free. Consequently, it will also positively impact overall sales and revenue. 



The H2H business model is the next big thing in the e-commerce industry that helps buyers and sellers to get in the human touch. With this approach, the businesses here got a better trading experience and built long-term, profitable relations. Rather than waiting for the importers’ review, sellers assist them at every stage when making a purchasing decision, giving sellers a better insight into the market. It also differentiates Tradewheel from the rest of the wholesale trading marketplaces online. Our customer support staff is also available 24/7 to help businesses meet their trading needs which is also an H2H service.

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