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Where can I sell Raw Jade?

Raw jade is one of the most demanded types of gemstones. As it already has a well-established market, if you are looking forward to sell jade and finding genuine buyers then it should not be a hassle. Firstly, you should understand who your potential customers are and what they look for. Once you learn their buying behavior, you should reach out to them in effective ways based on your research. As you can list your wholesale raw jades for free at many e-commerce sites, it can be a good idea to use all platforms which are visited by people looking for raw jades. Here, I am sharing a list of marketplaces where you can sell raw jade: is a fast-growing B2B marketplace featuring a good customer base from the USA, Europe, and all corners of the world. In contrast to traditional e-commerce sites, they have an easy-to-follow sign-up and product-posting procedure for sellers like you. You would only need a few minutes to post your raw jade here and it will reach out to your potential customers. 

You will find a comprehensive list of raw jade buyers on You can visit it for free and send your best offers to them. As most leads are free for the public, you should expect some competition here, but giving your best offers can increase the chances of getting the order. Each buying lead is unique and has different requirements. Visit it on a daily basis to keep up with all the trading opportunities that come here. With, you can easily sell your jade near you without having a website.  

When posting your products here, you should consider adding keywords from Google too. It is because many of their products also show up on Google searches and if it happens to your products, it would be a great boost for you. You can also add your product’s videos to appeal to more customers. 


  • Easy to set up store and  post products
  • Your product may show up on relevant Google searches
  • Access to buying leads


  • Competition


If you search for raw jade on eBay, you will find an endless list of sellers. At first, it might seem to be tough competition, but it is an opportunity. Especially if you look at the sales and customer reviews, almost all of the products have many reviews. Therefore, it can be considered that eBay has got a massive customer base for raw jade. Even if you may not rank very high on search results at the beginning, the ones ranking low positions also get views and sales on their products. 

Since it is one of the top trending b2b websites of the world, buyers on eBay come with different buying behaviors, and they can also vary based on the product category. However, most raw jade importers here are willing to pay higher prices for better quality. They also do their research and make informed decisions rather than buying impulsively. Thus, if you want to get good sales here, you should know how you are going to differentiate your goods from your competitors. 

If you want a good price for raw jade, you can also list your products on eBay auction. It would improve your reach and generate some high-quality leads for you. It can work even better if the goods you sell are hard-to-find or very niche products. 


  • Wide raw jade buyer customer base
  • Can sell at auction
  • High volume buyers


  • High commission fees

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Etsy is a go platform for buyers looking for unique and used items. You can post your products here for free. The product list includes everything from crafted vases to used cell phones. But because of the large number of suppliers on Etsy, it can be hard to get good reach.  Therefore, in your quest of where to sell jade, you would have to focus on optimizing your product with good keywords, detailed descriptions, and a lot more. It may take some time, but once your raw jades start getting organic reach, you will not have to worry about the next order ever again.

The buyers on Etsy prefer to deal with sellers with multiple positive reviews. Thus, you should give out some early discount or even launch a limited-time offer to create a fear of missing out for buyers. Adding these discounts would help conversions and boost your reach on the platform. 

According to a survey, the quality of your images is the most important factor in making people buy your goods. It is not limited to raw jades, but to all product categories, they have. This factor comes above shipping cost, price, and other factors. Therefore, to get an edge, you should always add multiple photos along with a video. You can also list your store and products here in different languages. Etsy also charges a 6.5% commission fee whenever a customer buys your products. 


  • A niche market for hard-to-find products
  • Multilingual support
  • Can post products for free


  • Optimizing pages can be time-consuming


EC21 is a globally trusted B2B marketplace carrying over 3 million buyers. It is an Asian website that importers from almost all over the world can use to meet their business sourcing needs. Setting up your store here can be a lengthy procedure, but once you list your products the right way, you can get good leads. 

It has a very price-sensitive market. Most people here would ask for discounts on prices or faster shipping. Therefore, keeping your prices low here can give you a competitive edge. You should also look at their commission model and your other operating expenses to ensure you do not lower the prices too much. 

Even though getting the first order here can be challenging, it has a higher rate of repeat orders than e-commerce sites. To achieve it, you should also work on responding quickly to any questions and always be easy to communicate with. 

Many sellers also used EC21 to scam people. Therefore, buyers now prefer to source from suppliers with EC21’s paid membership. You would have to spend a small amount for it on annual basis, but it would surely give you a significant boost in both reach and conversions.


  • High repeat orders ratio
  • Has more than 3 million buyers
  • Well reputed marketplace


  • Low price buyers

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All of us know about Facebook as a social media platform, but it is also an effective site for selling almost anything. All you need to do is know what your potential customers do on Facebook and reach them right there. As building organic reach here can take time, it is better to start with paid advertisements. Running paid campaigns here is much cheaper and has a higher conversion rate than most social media platforms. 

Other than posting paid advertisements and calculating their ROI, there is also a quick and free way to generate leads. It is community marketing. Search for the groups that you think raw jade buyers would join and it is not rocket science to find them. Once you have joined multiple groups like these, you can post your raw jades there for sale and if you are in the right group or community, there is a high chance that you will get multiple good orders. The results here completely depend on how effectively you are implementing them.

Facebook does not have any integrated payment method and does not take responsibility for any party. Therefore, you should always take precautionary steps to avoid the risk of getting scammed here. 


  • Low cost to reach customers
  • High ROI
  • Great for free Community Marketing


  • Does not have any safe payment gateway

What is the selling price of raw Jade?

Raw jade can price between 5 to more than 5 million USD based on several factors like its color, quality, size, source, and a lot more. The common pricing for it is between 25 to 5,000 USD. It can also be influenced by the demand and supply ratio within the region.

What is the buying behavior of raw jade importers?

Raw jade buyers do not make impulsive buying decisions. Instead, they do proper research and also focus on the story of how it was sourced. Its buyers are also usually more quality conscious than rates. 

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There are many more sites that you can use to sell raw jade and the best factor is that you can list your products on most of them for free. Rather than looking at the platform’s popularity or total visits, you should do your research first by looking for answers for jade buyers near me and choosing which marketplace is visited by your target audience. Then, optimize your store and product pages for both visibility and positioning. If you want to increase your conversion rate, it is highly recommended to understand your buyer’s behavior and buying cycle. These two factors can also vary from platform to platform. In that case, you may need to go with different techniques on different sites to maximize your return.


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